Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What To Serve For Thanksgiving

PSA: Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! Once the leaves start to drift off the trees I start to get excited for Thanksgiving! I love the family time, traditions; time spent around the table, embarrassing stories of each other told, the bad jokes, good food, and even the holiday craziness that is pre-thanksgiving day.

This year my family has opted to do dinner out since Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close this year so we can enjoy the holiday season a little more. Usually we cook Thanksgiving and my mom has family recipes written down on time worn cards that are barely readable from all the use over the years that we usually don’t deviate from when we cook at home. Now, my mother would absolutely kill me if I shared our family recipes on the blog, so I thought I’d do the next best thing and share a few really good ones I’ve found on the internet that would be perfect for thanksgiving!
If it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving at your house this year or if you are responsible for bringing a dish to the big family thanks giving below are a few recipes that are perfect!

Ina Garten’s Roasted-Turkey Roulade// Who else wishing they were Ina Garten’s neighbor? All of her recipes are ridiculously delicious and her Roasted-Turkey Roulade is definitely one of her top ten recipes in my opinion. This is actually the turkey recipe that my family uses for Thanksgiving when we host, and I am not a big turkey fan, but this dish is amazing!! It is super tender, filled with flavors, and looks beautiful on a dinning room table.

Classic Cornbread Dressing// Next to the turkey the cornbread dressing is the next most important thing on the Thanksgiving buffet. I maybe old fashioned in saying this, and I know there are a lot of other breads out there that people love to use for stuffing, but when you are in the South and it’s a holiday cornbread is most definitely the way to go!

Creamy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese// When I was younger this was literally the only thing I would eat at the holidays well, this and gravy… I can say that that recipe is delicious!

Maple Sage Roasted Brussels Sprouts// Call me crazy but I kind of love a Brussels sprout, especially when they are coated in maple anything. Sooo good!

Classic Green Bean Casserole// This is another one of my families’ go-to holiday recipes and one of our most loved ones. There are just some dishes out there that when you take the first bite you are instantly wrapped in a blanket of good memories for years past

Mashed Potatoes// On holiday calories don’t count! Another Ina Garten recipe, so of course it is beyond delicious!

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles// I actually went to high school with the author of this recipe and now one of my adult goals in life is to able to cook like Brita! Her recipes are always delicious and who can say no to dark chocolate pumpkin truffles!?

Bourbon Pecan Pie// Who else better to reference for a good old-fashioned southern pecan pie than Paula Dean. In her words “It’s so good it will make your tongue wanna slap your brains out!”


  1. Oh yes, we must have CORNBREAD DRESSING on our tables. And, once it's made perfectly we all know WHY. Lovely post, Lauren. Those Brussels Sprouts sound great too. xx's

    1. Cornbread dressing is by far the best! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Yummy these sound delicious! Thanks so much for sharing babe, definitely looking forward to having mashed potatoes and mac and cheese <3

    XO, Jessi

    1. It's just not the holidays without mashed potatoes and mac and cheese!