Friday, November 24, 2017

Guest Post :: Things No One Tells You About The Wedding Day

I am so excited to have Georgia Selih, journalist and author of High Style Life, guest posting on the blog today! Even as a guest attending a wedding it always seems like something unexpected is guaranteed to happen the day of the event, so I am sure the bride encounters a good number of unexpected things. I have had a few friends get married who have experienced a few of the “what no one tells you about” wedding moments and according to my mom Georgia’s post today is pretty much spot on! So if you are getting ready to walk down the isle soon here is a little heads up on what to expect from Georgia Selih!
It’s the biggest day of your life. The preparations have been going on for months, or maybe even years, and you are pretty sure you have it all figured out. Whether you have a wedding organizer working with you on realizing your vision, or you are doing it all alone, you certainly have a lot of expectations about how the day will turn out. But for you to be 100% prepared, you need to know some things that are not included in the wedding textbooks.

You will be overwhelmed
No number of rehearsals will prepare you for the actual thing. Not only will you be emotionally overwhelmed with the ceremony itself, but you will also have every single guest come up to you and want to talk to you. There is really not much you can do to prevent this, but being prepared is one way to relive some of the shock. It is completely okay to need some alone time and you are entitled to it.

Something will go wrong
There has not been a single wedding in the world where everything went completely smoothly. If you are lucky, the problem will happen behind the scenes, and will be taken care of without you even knowing it happened. But, sometimes you will notice everything. They will play the wrong song for the first dance, someone’s child will start crying during the ceremony or the flowers will arrive in the wrong arrangements. Just accept that it is a part of the experience and that your memories will be funnier because of it.
You will not eat
This is the moment when you realize that Lily and Marshall’s wedding in How I Met Your Mother was not pure fiction: you will hardly have a bite to eat. All of your time spent choosing the perfect catering and cake will be only for your guests. This is partly because of the nerves and the knot in your stomach, but also because you will be so busy that you won’t have the time to just sit and eat. Be prepared and maybe have one of your bridesmaids carry around a bag of crisps in their clutch.

The photo shoot won’t go exactly as planned
Your wedding photos are arguably one of the most important parts of the day, since they are the memories that you will have to look back on for the rest of your life. But there are a lot of things that can go unexpectedly during a wedding shoot. If you are having your wedding photography in Sydney, you will want to make sure that your hair and makeup artists are also from Sydney, so that everything can run smoothly. Make sure you schedule everyone to arrive with plenty of time to spare, so that any little problem that comes up can be taken care of without delaying the rest of the shoot.
You will cry
Not only you. Everybody cries at weddings. There will be smeared mascara, red and puffy eyes and sniffling during speeches, but it is all part of the overall charm. If you want to make it work to your advantage, place decorated boxes of tissues on the tables with a “You’re allowed to cry” note on them, and let your guests feel free to express their emotions. After all, emotions are what weddings are all about.

Don’t forget to let go and enjoy the day, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t control it all, and rather than seeing you stressing over details, everyone will be much happier simply seeing how much in love you really are and how much you’re enjoying your day.

Author’s Short Bio:

Georgia Selih is the author By nature an artist, by profession a journalist. An irreparable print lover who is enjoying this hot digital affair.


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