Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Guest Post :: Tips For Hosting A Fabulous Fashion Show

 I have always been the slightest bit curious as to what all goes in to putting on a fashion show and the ins and outs of the process. I have to say I am a bit addicted to fashion shows – if one is on TV or a store is playing the newest season’s fashion show as part of their window front/display I will most definitely stop and watch. Guilty confession…when I was in college I has a secret desire to become a Victoria Secret model; needless to say when I found out I was 2 inches short of meeting the height requirement I was quite disappointed that I would never get to wear a pair of Angel wings and walk down a runway… But a girl can always dream, right…?

For today’s post Akshay, a lifestyle and health blogger, is guest posting and sharing some fabulous secrets for hosting a fashion show!

Fashion shows are everywhere. They are art and trendiness combined together. They give cities their unique identity. With brands jostling for attention and vying for a meaty pie, you can expect these glitzy and pompous events to go bigger and better in scale in future. But yes, they often blow away the people, titillate the senses and bring the best out of the fashion world. Ask any designer or event planner and they would tell the pressure to exceed expectation at such shows. Plus, guest experience matters the most at these events this is where event planners have their task cut out. 
Here are tips to host a fabulous fashion show - 

Look to create a stimulating atmosphere 
First thing first – go and get a great set up for the event as only this can ensure stimulating experience for guests. The set-up has to be such to grab attention and create a matchless variety of visual experience. The location has to be such that is in sync with the theme of the show. Plus, the use of lights and music has to be done in a subtle manner to keep people focused and engaged.

Get the lights and music right
Lights and music to fashion shows can be the real differentiator. They can create the dramatic and stimulating effect and help an absorbing ambiance to be effected. The lighting must be bright so that designs can best be exhibited and photographers can capture the event essences perfectly. Similarly, never go with slow and sultry music and rather opt for one that is upbeat and energizing to force people tap the feet. 
Leverage technology to the hilt    
Event planners have started utilizing the technology to boost the merit of fashion shows and to deliver matchless experience to users. Right from beaming the event live across social networks to installing big screens – every step should be taken to let the event realize its true potential with ease. The event can be advertised using social channels and e-mails and e-invites sent as well. This is how a top-class event can be organized without breaking the bank.

Choose models with care
The selection of models often decides the success of a fashion event. After all, you have an audience that are there to see and admire a range of styles and body types in regard to fashion. So, you must choose models that personality in sync with the occasion. Models with variety in their looks are always a good bet to let brands convey their gist and essences in a great way.   
Treat the guests like celebrity  
Guests to your fashion show must feel special in true sense. In fact, they may expect nothing less than a celebrity-like treatment in every aspect of the way. A top event management agency knows how to pamper the guests and make them feel more than welcome. It keeps everything correct, be it foods, drinks or gift bags and let the guests enjoy the show like a true-blue royalty.    

Author Bio:
Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Wonderland Agency, which is among the best event agency in the UK.