Tuesday, November 15, 2016

J. Crew Sale

I absolutely love when stores decide to have pre-holiday sales; it is the perfect opportunity to do a little early Christmas shopping and treat yourself to a few things as well – after all, you deserve something from all that hard work!

Let’s face facts – it is way too easy to spend $125 or even $500 in J. Crew so I feel like this is sale is a pretty good one! After one spin around a J. Crew store lately I feel like I have t dwindle down the number of things I find that I ‘want’ and ask myself: ‘do I really need this?’ as to avoid buyers remorse a few hours later. But with this sale going on, I think it might be okay to buy a few extra items…;). Here are some of my current favorite J. Crew picks. Happy Shopping!


  1. I love a good J.Crew sale.That wool turtleneck sweater is perfect for this time of year. Jess at Just Jess

    1. That turtleneck would be so perfect to sit in front of a fireplace to read a book!