Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hadley Park

Despite how the TV show, Nashville, portrays the country music industry it is actually a pretty challenging industry to break into; I am proud and happy to see one of my long time friends, Morgan Garner and the other half of Hadley Park, Courtney Dashe, are starting to make their way in the music industry. Hadley Park’s most recent and exciting news is the release of their debut EP entitled ‘Retrospect” available Friday, Novemeber 11 {tomorrow} and will for sale on iTunes!!
Both Morgan and Courtney are singer/songwriters who formed their duo, Hadley Park, in 2015. The duo is named for their daughters, Hadley and Parker, who were born just a few days apart. Not only did Hadley Park set out to make a name for themselves in the music business, but also to be an inspiration to their daughters and demonstrate what it means to be a person who is passionate, compassionate, and unafraid to chase their dreams.

Their first song, Things I’ve Learned, was digitally released last fall. This particular song was co-written by Morgan’s nine-year-old nephew and cancer fighter, Kaleb. Things I’ve Learned music video made a big wave for the duo, drawing support from Martina McBride, Rodney Atkins, and even found its way to Ellen Tube. As if being singers/songwriters/moms/role models isn’t impressive enough the duo is also donating a portion of proceeds from select shows on their self-book tour, “That’s Another Bottle of Wine,” to the organization for children’s cancer research.
Hadley Park’s debut EP, “Retrospect,” is filled with wonderful songs written and sung by two wonderful women. Pssst…my two favorites from the EP are “Retrospect” and “More Than That”. On Friday, November 11 be sure to look up Hadley Park on iTunes and get a taste of their music or click here to order their CD!