Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lost Lake

Each month I set a few goals for myself {a little nerdy, I know…} and one of my goals for the month of August was to get back into the habit of reading a decent amount. For a while there I fell back into the horrible mode of watching Netflix right before I went to bed, which lead to a restless night’s sleep more than once. I’m aiming to read one book each week this month; not to brag… but, I’m glad to say I have already made my way through three books thus far which means I have kept up with my goal so far!

My most recent read is Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen. I am completely smitten with her writing style, she always manages to find the perfect balance of southern charm, suspense, a touch of magic, and wonderful characters. Allen’s books are the perfect retreat for reality. I have now read all six of her books, and have my fingers crossed that she has one in the works that will be in bookstores soon!

When Eby first laid eyes on Lost Lake it was only a picture on a post card but she knew she was seeing her future.

Half a life time has gone by for Eby. After suffering through and surviving the death of her husband, the decline in visitors that travel to lost lake, and the noticeable wear and tear years of maintenance neglect, it appears that Lost Lake will soon be slipping into Eby’s past. A once enchanting collection of lake side cabins and a near empty guest book forces Eby’s hand to the point where she finally gives into selling Lost Lake to a developer.

Fortunately, an unexpected visit from a family member, Kate and her daughter Devin, whom Eby has not seen in years gives her the smallest chance to change things. Kate spent the best summer of her life when she was twelve at Lost Lake, a time before Kate knew loss and heartache. Kate has recently become too familiar with feelings of sadness and loss of direction after her own husband unexpected death. Lost Lake lends Kate a hand in moving forward and allows her own daughter, Devin, to stay in the magic world of childhood for a little while longer.

Lost Lake is a book of recovering from loss, finding new love, and rediscovering the feeling of hopefulness and all the wonderful things that it can bring to life. Lost Lake is the perfect read to end the summer on, and a book that I highly recommend.

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