Saturday, August 27, 2016

Happy Hour Time

A very warm and welcoming greeting to the weekend! So incredibly glad you are finally here! This past week has seemed like the longest week in the history of 5-day weeks. I hope everyone has a chance to get out there and enjoy the last weekend of August and soak in those summer activities while they still can. Here’s to spending time with friends and family and making lasting memories. Cheers!

“Your every inhale is like the whisper of a pen over paper. Your every smile is a splash of color on a canvas, and each endeavor is like a spin of the potter’s wheel. You are an artist and your life is your art.”
~Christen Rodgers

Drink Special!
My Own
1 ounce gin
½ ounce Cointreau
1 teaspoon fresh orange juice
½ teaspoon powdered sugar
ice cubes
shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Around Town!
Nashville, TN: BBQ, Brew, and You at oneCity, Saturday, August 27, 5:00pm
Franklin, TN: Carnton Sunset Concert Series at Carnton Plantation, Sunday, August 28, 4:30
Winston-Salem, NC: Winston-Salem Dash v. Carolina Mudcats, Saturday, August 27, 6:30pm
Little Rock, AR: Blues Challenge at Thirst N’ Howl, Sunday, August 28, 8:30pm
Atlanta, GA: Love Stories of Oakland at Historic Oakland Cemetery, Saturday, August 27