Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How To Clean Up Your Pinterest Page

My page is almost four years old and has become overloaded with too many pins {yes, apparently there is such a thing as too many pins…} to the point where it is a bit cluttered and a little difficult to find certain pins that I have already pinned. Which in a sense kind of defeats the whole purpose of Pinterest, where you can organized thoughts and inspiration that should be reasonably easy to find, unless you’re like me and have 9,000 pins…

Last night I was scrolling through different boards weeding out pins that I no longer like, need, or are of interest to me. Let me tell you, during this process I noticed four-ish years ago I had some seriously questionable taste when it came to some things. It is amazing how fast styles, fashion, and your personal taste in things can change in just a few short years; which is all the more reason to not let pins pile up. Here are a few tips to organize your Pinterest page.

1.      Purge All Unwanted Pins// go through and delete pins that are no longer wanted/needed. As I said before your personally taste can change in a reasonably short amount of time and you may not like some of the things you pinned just a few short years or even months ago.
2.    Create a Pinterest Archive Board// Deleting pins is kind of like cleaning out your closet – just because you don’t need something anymore does not mean you are necessarily ready to part with it. For this reason it might be wise to create an ‘Archive Board” and set it to private; this way you can still clean up existing boards while having a place to store pins that you just aren’t quit ready to send back into the mythical word that is the internet.
3.    Organize Your Boards// Over the years as you have added and deleted boards you may have lost a sense of flow to your page. To regain that flow and find certain items easily try to separate boards into similar topics or sort by alphabetical order
4.    Combine or Divide Boards//If one of your boards is over run with pins you can not part with create two separate boards {i.e. ‘For The Home’ and ‘Bathrooms’}.

What Are Some Of Your Tips To Keep Your Pinterest Page Shiny And Clean?

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