Monday, August 22, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Stay calm, take a deep breath, and try not to spill the juice…the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale is in full swing! Before you start on you shopping adventure in the bright world of Lilly Remember…
1.      Make sure your Lilly account is up to day
2.    Narrow you search quickly by size and price
3.    Just because you put an item in your virtual shopping cart does not mean it will stay there. Act fast and by a few items at a time to eliminate someone taking one of your items out of your cart.
4.    Don’t lose you cool – because of the high amount of traffic it is not uncommon for the whole site to crash a few times during the first day of the sale. If you are shopping the sale via the internet you will be placed in a virtual line, you might have to wait anywhere from a minute to 30 minutes before you can actually enter the sale.
5.    Remember it is just a sale and is supposed to be fun, try not to get caught up in the craziness

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