Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kate Spade 2017 Agendas

At the risk of sounding a little on the nerdy side, I have to admit I always get a little excited when the 2017 17-month agendas start to come out. Every August I always seem to be in a mental tug-a-war with myself over whether or not to get a brightly colored Lilly Pulitzer agenda or a chicly designed agenda by KateSpade. Decisions, decisions… in the past Lilly Pulitzer has always won me over with their fun print they include at the start of each month, I mean honestly, who would be a opposed to opening up a page to a little slice of summer each month. However, I think Kate Spade is winning me over this year with their ‘ReadMy Lips’ agenda.

I realize everyone might not share m enthusiasm at the chance to organize with the purchase of a new agenda, but for those like myself who my be a little overly excited here’s a little glimpse into the Kate Spade 2017 Agendas!


  1. That floral agenda is really beautiful. I've always like Kate Spade's stationary <3 It's so pretty and ladylike.

    xo Azu

    1. I love Kate Spade anything - all of her designs are so perfect and spot on!