Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mad Men + Jackie

Recently I have gotten really into Mad Men, it is my new Netflix addiction… I never had a chance to watch the show when it was on actual television, but now that I have seen a few episodes I totally get the obsession.

I’m only five episodes into the series, but I am already crushing on the Mad Men era fashion. The full skirts, slimming waste line, pixie pants, ballet flats, and timeless heels all come together to create such a polished and flattering look. Honesty, if I could step into a time machine I would go visit the 1950s and early 60s. The golden age of Hollywood was well and alive, the fashion is fun, and the Kennedy’s were residing in the White House.

Some of the clothes I have seen so far on Mad Men remind me of things that Jackie Kennedy would wear. I mean seriously, does Jackie Kennedy ever go out of style? Classic can be chic too! Jackie Kennedy made the Lilly Pulitzer shift dress popular, put Jack Rogers on the map, and always had her signature Jackie O sunglasses.