Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Reading List

When I was actually in school I always kind of dreaded the ever-daunting summer reading list. I have honestly always enjoyed reading but when you’re younger there is just something about a “have to read book” that takes the enjoyment out of reading the slightest bit, or at least it did for me.

However, now that I am older I kind of miss summer reading list and go through books in the summer almost as fast as I eat guacamole. Since there is still a good while left of the summer months I have decided to share my own summer reading list on the blog.
ModernLovers// Emma Straub undoubtedly hit it out of the park with her novel, The Vacationers, so obviously her newest book, Modern Lovers has made my summer reading list. Straub delivers a story of family and how we tear each other down and than back up and the reason why we try to conceal different sides of ourselves.
Me BeforeYou// I have heard such good reviews of this book for the past couple years, but just recently got around to actually reading Me Before You. I have to confess it was actually the movie preview that pushed me into finally reading this book, what can I say…I am ever the hopeless romantic.
Lies and Other Acts of Love// I will admit that when I first starting reading Lies and Other Acts of Love I thought the story line was going to be another cliché love story, but I was quickly proven wrong. This book is filled with layers and revels why the occasional little white lie plays such and important part in holding the fabric of family together.
All the Light We Cannot See// I currently have this book sitting in my books to-read pile and simply cannot wait to get started. This book relies the cost of human intelligence. Marie- Laure, who became blind during early childhood, flees to Saint-Malo, with her father when the Nazis come to occupy Paris. Werner, who was recruited, to go to the Hitler Youth Academy. Werner is sent through the heart of the war, which will eventually lead his life and Marie-Laure’s life to converge.
LostLake// Within the past few years I have fallen completely in love with the writing style of Sarah Addison Allen’s writing. There is always a hit of magic and mystery in her stories that always end in a way that will make your heart feel happy.
Orphan Train// I kid you not, everything I go to the beach I always pick up this book, think to myself ‘this sounds like a really good read’, but then decide it’s too heavy of a book for a beach read so inevitably put it back. Between 1854-1929 Orphan Trains ran from The East to the Midwest, carrying thousands of abandoned children to be adopted. Vivian was one of those children who ends up moving back East, and years later has a 17 year old help her clean out her attic and in the process unearths many memories from her past.
LuckiestGirl Alive// I first hear of this book when Reese Witherspoon posted it on her instagram account, and lets face facts, Reese Witherspoon has some great book recommendations. In high school Ani FaNelli endured a public humiliation that left her desperate to reinvent herself. Year later she has a job to be envied, great wardrobe, a fiancĂ©, and is basically living a perfect life. Luckiest Girl Alive explores the pressure women face in the “have to have it all” world we live in today and how some times we have secrets buried deep that come back to haunt us.
TheNest// I feel like The Nest is the book of the moment; I honestly cannot seem to scroll through my Facebook newsfeed without seeing some mention of this book. This is a book about the power of family and the possibilities of friends, and how we depend on these relationships.
EverybodyRise// Not ashamed to admit that I originally bought this book because of the cover, but as luck would have it, it just happens to be a great summer read! This is a story of a high-society wannabe – just think Gossip Girl and Jenny Humphrey. Without a doubt a must read.