Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rain & Umbrellas; The South Or London

This morning when I should have been doing other things such as answering emails or getting ready for work…I was indulging my guilty pleasure of pinning on Pinterest, in my warm comfortable bed of course. In the process I came across the most darling pin {the above picture}, I just love the illustrations! After seeing the above picture, I started thinking of how whenever I see London on TV or in a movie it is generally overcast and rainy; well let me tell you, over the past few weeks the South has gotten its fair share of rain! It’s starting to feel like London down here, only without the historical London landmarks. I do however love all of these beautifully colored umbrellas I have seen around lately! Here are some of my favorite umbrellas for rainy days in the south or anywhere! Click on the name of the umbrella, located below the picture, for the link. 

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