Saturday, August 17, 2013

Simply Audrey

The other day when I was playing around on YouTube I came across the Audrey Hepburn Galaxey Chocolate Commercial, which I absolutely loved! Audrey Hepburn with her elegance and simplistic everyday style has remained a style icon for the past few decades. Even in today’s fashion industry it is easy to spot an outfit that is reminiscent of something Audrey Hepburn would have worn; from ballet flats, to pixie pants, to dresses cinched at the waist, a touch of Audrey is easy to spot. Below is the Galaxy Chocolate commercial that inspired this post followed by a very classic Audrey styled outfit that it so timeless it is still in-style! Enjoy! 

Classic Audrey Style

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”
~Audrey Hepburn


  1. Ahhh I am so loving this post! Such an adorable commercial - it makes me want to be all flouncy and whimsical too!

    Ballet flats and J. Crew Minnie or Pixie pants are definitely part of my wardrobe essentials. Such an easy but chic "uniform" for pretty much all ages!

    So glad I found your blog! I can't wait to keep reading! :)

    J. Parker

    1. I have fallen in love with that commercial, I love how whimsical it is! Pixie pants are great they go with everything and can be casual or dressy, a for sure wardrobe essential.

      I am happy you found my blog and thank you for the comment!

  2. I adore Audrey. I think she's wonderful - so timeless and classic. I absolutely love the commercial you've included in this post!


    1. Thank You! I fell in love with that commercial when I first saw it! Audrey Hepburn really is so timeless and classic; I think Audrey Style will always be in style!