Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kate Spade 2014 Agendas

Tonight when I was working on the Lifeguard Press School Supplies post I discovered the 2014 Kate Spade Agendas on Lifeguard Press and simply could not wait to share them with you all! I love all the patterns they come in and I the fact that they are a 17-month agenda! 
All these patterns are just so precious I don’t even know which one to choose! I think it is safe to say that Lifeguard Press and Kate Spade outdid themselves with the Kate Spade 2014 Agendas {Click Here to see these agendas online}! Then just when you thought these agendas couldn’t be any cuter here is a peek inside…


  1. I just got my agenda. I picked the glasses one, but I love the striped one too! I cannot wait to see the rest of the fall collection!

    1. The glasses one is so cute, I love the Kate Spade agendas! I went with one of the Lilly Luxe agendas, and afterwards I discovered the Kate Spade ones. I love, love, love the Lilly ones but I might mix it up next year and get a Kate Spade one if the prints are this cute again!

    2. I just ordered the gold polka dot/pink agenda and am SO excited! Perfect for college!

    3. The gold polka dot would have been my pick too, it is adorable! Plus I love gold and pink together. I am sure you will love it!