Saturday, January 5, 2019

Links I'm Loving

Last year I was settling into this post series, but somewhere around the summer time I completely let this post fall to the wayside. Which is completely crazy because I actually love putting together these post and sharing my favorite links of the week with you all. 

I feel like there has just been a lot of drama going on since May – my sister is getting married and I have been helping her plan her wedding {I’m pretty sure she is the only bride out there that tries to down play her excitement about getting married} Then there is always something going on with my grandmother. In short there is always drama going on at my house, if you ever feel like your life is boring, please feel free to come spend time with my family – there is always something going on.  Needles to say, I am glad to see 2019 hit the road and welcome 2019 with open arms. For 2019 I am going with the very cliché quote – ‘clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose’> But enough of that, on to a few weeks I am loving this week.
I was such a 90s kid and was beyond excited the first year I received my first American Girl Doll, Samantha, for Christmas. I could never get enough of the outfits, accessories, doll size furniture, and even the matching clothes. I completely love how American Girls has started coming out with a ‘doll of the year’ – I think it sends such a great message to girls, and maybe even helps them spark an interest in something they may be interested in, but haven’t had an opportunity/thought to explore before. 

This years Girl Of The Year is Blair Wilson, who strongly resembles Ree Drummond {aka The Pioneer Woman} not only in appearance but also interest. I haven’t seen any pictures of Ree Drummond when she was younger, but I’m guessing she just might have looked a little something like Blair Wilson. Blair is a blogger who lives on a farm, love to cook, decorate, and take pictures – sound like someone else we know…

Two// YOU
I just started watching a new Netflix series last night called ‘YOU’ and it is creepily intriguing. Question: why does Joe Goldberg always play the guy who is obsessed with the blonde, pretty girl, and why does he always play the stalker, and why does he always play bot so well? Sorry, not sorry, Goldberg’s character in Gossip Girl was a bit less dark, but he turned out to be Gossip Girl in the end, which equates to a stalker for me. In all seriousness ‘You’ is the next best TV thriller; it’s very addicting to watch. 

If I could hangout with Jennifer Garner and Ina Garten for a day my life would basically be complete. They both see like such genially nice, relatable people. A few days ago Jennifer Garner posted her mint ice cream recipe on her Facebook page and it looks divine and just the ticket to beat those wintertime blues. 

I used to love the Lizze McGuire show so much, but it also equally annoyed me. When I used to watch the show and she made a misstep sometimes I would be like “hold the phones, I totally did the same thing today!” and I would get annoyed and embarrassed seeing it played out in a Disney sitcom. But now that I’m older I have learned to laugh at the missteps and embrace the, so I definitely have my fingers crossed that Disney does a revival of the Lizzie McGuire show!

I have always been such a bow person; up until about the age of 12, in my world no outfit was complete without the right bow/ribbon. Obviously, I am 100% on board with the bow trend going on right now and am made even more excited by the fact that Kate Middleton is fully embracing this trend as well. 

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