Monday, January 14, 2019

5 Out-Of-The-Box Wedding Venue Ideas

Personally, when it comes to weddings and anything really I am a traditionalist. I love the tradition of things and a light and airy feel to everything; pinks, blues, and whites, please! Needless to say that my wedding will probably be predictable, but hey, you gotta go with what you like, after all, isn’t that why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream?

For every few traditionalist out there, there are at lest at couple non-traditionalist out there who want a completely off the wall wedding, something that they haven’t seen before, or maybe something just a little wacky that fits their personalities perfectly. For today’s guest post Peter Minkoff is sharing five out-of-the-box wedding venue ideas! 
Not every couple wants the beach wedding or the extravagant ballroom event with six hundred people and a string quartet. Luckily for the quirky, unorthodox, and the curious, there are many options that include none of the abovementioned scenarios and that may actually resonate with your extraordinary taste. 
Whether you’re a nature lover, a party animal, or a wine connoisseur, you can find a splendid wedding spot on just about every continent, so that you can choose the setting of your special day and recreate your lifelong wedding dreams!

1.     A Beauty and the Beast-worthy venue

No, this time, we’re not referring to the Palace of Versailles-kind of venue, the enormous fountains, or the decorative greenery as far as the eye can see. This time, we’re focusing on the library Bell fell in love with! Yes, it’s quite possible to source out libraries where you can get married to your loved one and commemorate your special day surrounded by your passion for reading. 
Baltimore may not seem like the most exotic of destinations for such an occasion, but the John Hopkins University’s own library does make for a truly historic spot for a wedding. George Peabody Library is a beautiful gem, and the impressive 300,000-volume collection is more than enough to turn your wedding into a truly solemn occasion.

2.     A craft brewery for beer lovers

A refined palate deserves an equally refined place for this beautiful ceremony, and there’s no match for the likes of Australia’s finest craft regions such as Margaret River. This is where you’ll come across the most exquisite, locally-produced wines, liquor, and beer, which will only add to the authentic feel of your wedding menu.
For example, some of the finest craft beer in Margaret River can be found in the Caves Road Collective venue, which is even more enchanting due to their lake and lovely gardens, thus a favorite among couples looking for a perfect tie-the-knot setting. Rest assured, their food is as delicious as their beer, so your guests will be as pleased as yourself!

3.     Animal lovers front and center

There are a few different ways you can celebrate your love for animals of all kinds, but Cameron and Carolyn represent a unique example– they united their love for one another with the desire to raise awareness for animals in need, so they got married in a pet shelter!
Then again, you can also pick a zoo or an aquarium, where the animal caretakers and the zoo managers can help you determine the best spot for the ceremony. Wedding photos with your favorite animal in the background and sipping on wine with exotic parrots chirping surely make for a memorable way to get hitched.  

4.     Making new memories amidst historic artefacts 

In addition to libraries, many museums and galleries also offer the same stunning atmosphere of elegance and creativity to your wedding plan. In case you’ve had your first date in one, or you share a love for fine art, you can definitely celebrate your love in a cultural institution such as Museum van Loon in Amsterdam– a crown jewel of many timeless venues you can choose from.
If you get married during the warmer months of the year, you can even take your party outdoors into the gardens which are as mesmerizing as the entire 17th-century building. 

5.     Recreating The Little Mermaid vibes

While we’re on the subject of taking a plunge, you can quite literally do just that to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime event! There are numerous venues that provide perfect underwater wedding ceremonies, together with your diving equipment and a setting of exotic marine creatures casually attending your event.
This takes the beach wedding idea to a whole new level, allowing you to turn it into an adventure that will not just take place on the coast, but offshore as well. You can also choose to continue your celebration on a cruise as opposed to a classic beach-side restaurant, but the ceremony itself will get its special venue to start the new chapter of your life with a splash.
The world is far too bewildering and beautiful to stick to the classic and the clich├ęs of wedding ideas. Take your time to plan this special day, and make sure to find the venue that reflects your future marriage and your relationship the best!

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