Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Guest Post :: 5 Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

I know some view Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, but I completely buy into every single element that goes along with it. I know that you should love and appreciate your significant other every day of the year, but I like the idea that there is one day in the year that is centered around love. Today Peter Minkoff is sharing 5 Valentine Day gift ideas! 
February 14th, AKA Valentine’s Day, AKA the most romantic day of the year is literally just around the corner. We have survived the notorious Blue Monday, so this year it’s all uphill from here. Now, for all of you who say that you don’t need a designated day to show your love and shower your beloved with gifts, you’re right. Devotion and love should be shown every day, but there is absolutely no reason not to take it up a notch on this particular day. We celebrate Thanksgiving, although we could have turkey and exchange gifts every day, but there is a reason to follow traditions. Traditions are good, they make us feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves, so put aside your skepticism about the day of love, step up your game and give the woman in your life the best present in the world. We have handpicked five of the most amazing ones – in our humble opinion – so now all you have to do is pick one (or a couple, if Cupid strikes you with his bow and makes you extra giving). 

Put Thought Into It 

The gift itself isn’t as important as the meaning and intention behind it. The art of giving the perfect gift isn’t in its price, but the amount of thought you put into it. For instance, if you want to take one of the traditional routes and give the woman in your life a piece of jewelry, instead of just picking out a piece that ‘looks nice’, try to remember something that she’s particularly fond of. It could be something trendy or vintage, all depending on her taste. Netflix reruns of Friends reminded us of the power of meaningful gifts when Ross got Rachel a pin she saw in the window that reminded her of the one her grandma used to have. So, think hard and remember what your lady would love. Then, when you’ve found the perfect thing, have it engraved with an inside romantic quote that means something to both of you. That way, you’ll increase the value of the gift by a hundred times. 

Know Your Lady 

As said, it’s not the gift that matters, it’s the person on the receiving end of it. For instance, if your beloved loves coffee as much as Lorelai Gilmore, than you are all set. Prepare a unique basket containing all the best – from the strongest coffee in the USA that will give her the morning jolt she craves, a customized mug that will be just hers, a backup mug for her to take to work and even perhaps a cute thermos for her commutes. You can add coffee-based treats, candy, and create a personalized survival kit. Of course, a card containing a witty and loving message is a must. As a true coffee lover, she will love you even more for knowing her and giving her exactly what she needs. 

Your Little Bookworm 

Plenty of us out there don’t just love reading books, we love collecting them and admiring our small library. If your beloved is a genuine bookworm who has an excellent taste in books, giving her a stack of new releases will make her squeal with happiness as she will be able to complete her Goodreads challenge (and you can bet she’s on Goodreads). Now, if you want to make things even more special, instead of new releases, why not give her a hardbound collection of classics, which are incredibly and uniquely designed. This gift would send her through the roof, as every real bookworm is dying to add these to their collection. 

Something On The Pricey Side 

There are bookworms, coffee and jewelry lovers, but one thing all women need is a bag for all the things they have to carry. Now, depending on the taste and style of your beloved, you could get her a unique and stunning book-inspired bag. It will show her how much you know her – as you will probably get her a bag inspired by her favorite book – and she’ll also have something both unique and practical that will remind her of you every day. Of course, if you have a fashionista on your hands, you might spend a tad more on a great designer bag, but you can get a pretty good deal at vintage stores, both online and brick-and-mortar ones. Just get ready to hunt, because finding the perfect one will take some time, but hey, it’s all worth it for her, right? 

Deeply Personal 

There are times when the expression ‘walking the extra mile’ has little to do with money and a whole lot with the time you invest in getting your lady something deeply personal. Now, everyone has been going crazy over The Night Sky, and while those are amazing, perhaps you can get one on a regular day – just because everyone is getting them. Instead, give making your own gift a shot. You can use photographs, old letters, things you wanted to say but never did. It can be called ‘The Little Diary of Us’ and you can put all the monumental things you’ve been through in it – anniversaries, trips, birthdays, even big fights. You can pour your emotions out with a bunch of love letters on random pages. Leave some of the pages blank, because your adventure is just beginning, so you will surely be filling the diary soon. 

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