Thursday, January 31, 2019

Window Replacement Guide: Materials Process and Cost

There are many reasons why people may want to replace their windows. The most common reasons include:
1.      Making them more energy efficient
2.    Newer windows will be easier to clean
3.    Maintenance free
4.    New windows look better 
5.    New windows will make your home comfortable as they control heat and cold
6.    Reduction in noise as new windows insulate sound
7.     Modern windows are safer and have many great benefits compared with older windows
8.    Longer lasting than older windows as they have many more features
9.    New windows enhance your home’s resale value

10.  UV protection 
When deciding to replace your windows, you can expect to pay between $450 and $850 for a new vinyl window replacement. Typically, your home would need about 10 of these which means you need between $4500 and $8500 to complete your home. 
What is the cost of different materials?
1.      Basic aluminium - $300-$525
2.    Composite - $325-$700
3.    Basic Vinyl - $350-$600
4.    Better Vinyl - $475-$825
5.    Basic Wood - $500-$850
6.    Fibreglass - $600-$900
7.     Better wood - $700-$1,000
8.    Best Wood - $900 - $1,350 +
Cost of materials for windows
1.      Basic windows – up to $325
2.    Better windows – up to $800
3.    Best windows – up to $1,500
Installing a new window – Steps
Step 1 – Choose the style of window you prefer. The most popular types are double hung and casement windows. 
-      Single hung – cheap but less ventilation is provided
-      Double hung – most window series have double hung windows. They allow movement in both sashes. 
-      Casement windows – Most of them open with a crank however they are available in a “push out” style. 
Step 2 – Choose the material. You can decide between:
-      Aluminium – reasonably priced, lightweight and strong. They are energy efficient.
-      Composite – This comprises of wood and fibre with plastic. 
-      Vinyl – This is low maintenance and good quality. Colours are limited to light shades.
-      Fibreglass – More colour options than vinyl, however the darker shades will fade with time. It is very strong and low maintenance. 
-      Wood – The aesthetic appeal of wood is unmatched. They are affordable if you consider entry level wood. 
Step 3 – Choose extras and features. Windows can be accessorized as you want, in the following ways:
-      Wood type – Pine is the standard type however, there are multiple options to choose from. 
-      Interior and exterior colours – You can choose the colours you want, which will match your home. Wood windows can even be left bare. 
-      Glass – You may need to perform a window glass repair on an existing window. Replacement isn’t always necessary. If you are replacing you can opt for two panes of glass with argon gas in the middle, tempered glass, laminated shatterproof glass or tinted glass.
Step 4 – Hire a qualified installer or do it yourself. Windows must be installed properly so that it functions optimally. You may enlist the help of an installer or if you are confident enough, get it done yourself. 

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