Thursday, January 3, 2019

Guest Post :: 5 Essential Home Decor Items Every Home Needs In 2019

New Year, New Feels, New Décor? With the holidays coming to an end and a new year ahead of us it is the perfect time to shake things up a do a little redecorating! Today Peter Minkoff is sharing five great everyday home décor essentials that you just must have!
One of the best ways to start a New Year is to make a few changes to your environment. It will ensure you start fresh, leave all the bad things behind and welcome the year in style. So, if you love to stay up-to-date with current interior design trends, here’s what every home will need in 2019. 

Splash of glamour 

A touch of glamour will be an absolute must in 2019, even if you prefer minimalist and unfussy interiors. You can introduce a bit of spark into your home with bold color schemes if you’re willing to go all out. For instance, jewel and gem tones are very popular and leave a huge impact. You can also add some glamour to your space with a few metallic accents. A gilded side table or a chrome finish on your cabinets will make your home look expensive and luxurious. If that’s too much for you, you can ditch your boring lighting for something more attractive like a crystal chandelier or a group of oversized silver pendants! 

Warm touch of wood 

No matter if you’re a concrete-lover or one of those people who think you can never have too much timber in your home, wood simply an essential material that will breathe some new life into every space. But, don’t think you can only use wood in your cabinets and floors! For instance, you can introduce a timeless Eames walnut lounge chair to your contemporary home without disturbing your aesthetics. Or, you can spice things up with a simple wood side table that will break the monotony in a subtle way. 

Silver sophistication

For a polished look, you must invest in a few polished décor items. For instance, you can add a touch of style to your dinners with lux silverware. Even if you’re not a chef par excellence, an outstanding set of eating utensils will simply make your guests forget all about your dry roast. Plus, you don’t even have to splurge a lot of money on something attractive and durable. There are lux yet affordable Stanley Rogers Albany cutlery sets with a minimalist vibe for the ultimate polished look. Make sure to get a box set with entrée and dessert cutlery for the best impression. Match your eating utensils with quality wine glasses and champagne flutes and you’ll achieve a look of complete sophistication. Another thing that can make even your microwave dinners special is cloth napkins. Many people never get around to buying these even though they are a simple luxury everyone can afford. 

Originality of art 

If you want to improve the look of your home, but also invest money into something timeless, make 2019 all about art. Every home should have some art displayed, it truly shouldn’t be optional. Luckily, there are so many ways you can incorporate art into your home from vintage photographs to ultra-abstract paintings. And, most of the pieces add a flare of sophistication to your home, especially if they are monochrome. Plus, a beautiful canvas can stay with you forever or you can sell it for a substantial sum. That’s the thing about original art, you never know if you’ll end up with a jackpot! But, as long as you love it, it can be worthless to the world, but priceless to you.

Freshness of greenery

Even if you have a notoriously black thumb, greenery should be an essential part of your home in 2019. Those of you who don’t know much about botany, it’s best to opt for a plant that’s a bit taller and more substantial (think potted palms, Norfolk island pines or fiddle leaf figs) so that it can serve as a focal point of your space. Plants always add a touch of nature and freshness to your space, but their benefits are not only aesthetic. Greenery can improve your indoor air quality, boost your focus and improve your mood. Plus, if you opt for low-maintenance plants, all you’ll have to do to keep them alive is water them regularly and provide them with some sunlight. 
Make 2019 a year of style by giving your home a little makeover. If you introduce these must-have design elements into your home, you’ll achieve a look of complete comfort and sophistication without splurging too much money.

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