Thursday, January 10, 2019

5 Celebrity Cosmetic Treatments On Trend Right Now

What is it about celebrities that is so intriguing? We all hate to admit it, but we all are always curious about which celebrities have had a little ‘work’ done, who’s dating who, what the mystery babies gender is, and so on. Today on the blog Tilly is guest posting and is sharing the top five cosmetic celebrity treatments on trend right now.  
Starting this article could never be possible without asking yourself the question ‘’Who even cares about what cosmetic treatment which celebrity chose to have’’ but then again it would be quite selfish and unfair to say that we don’t actually care about that. After all, celebrities are not there only to provide good songs and great movies, but to also give us something to talk about and thus make our lives just a tiny bit more interesting. Now, celebrities and cosmetic treatments have quite a rich history, so trying to decide which 5 cosmetic treatments are the most popular and on trend right now is quite a challenging task, but here we are – these are the trendiest cosmetic treatments that celebrities underwent, so if you really want to look like your fave celeb these are the procedures to have in mind:

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is a cosmetic treatment that has been quite popular for at least two decades now, the only difference being that it’s not a taboo topic anymore. It’s not only the bad girls of the industry such as Pamela Anderson or Tara Reid who underwent this procedure, as there are plenty of “girls next doorwho chose to enlarge their breasts, such as Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift or even Angelina Jolie. Breast augmentation is everywhere around us, making it definitely the most popular cosmetic treatment both among celebrities and unknown women.

The previous two years were definitely the years of the brows as the brow game really reached new heights (Cara Delevingne, are you the culprit?). Thousands and thousands of women all around the world are opting for this procedure, including celebrities such as Victoria Beckham or Mila Kunis. Now, if you want to undergo this procedure which is totally safe, make sure to find the best artist. Try to find someone who completed the top-quality Phi Brows training in Dalas or of any other major USA city – they are very experienced and know what they’re doing. This is definitely a procedure you want to keep your eye open for as it’s becoming more and more popular.


Times have certainly changed – it seems that in the past it was enough for a woman to enter a certain age in order to opt for Botox, but according to Dr Jason Emer, nowadays there are more and more guys and young people who are doing their lips and getting botox as prevention. Make sure that you choose a great plastic surgeon if you opt for this step as you don’t want to be a guest on “Botched” – you can always try to find the contact of Julia Roberts’ or Julianne Moore’s plastic surgeon. Those guys really did a great job.

Lip fillers
There are many celebrities who never admitted they had plastic surgery but only lip injections – one of them being the almighty Kylie Jenner (but it seems that the whole Kardashian/Jenner family opted for this procedure). This means that introducing lip fillers into your life is not a taboo topic – and why would it be? If you are not satisfied with the way your lips look, you can always find the right person to change them. Good lip fillers will be able to change the entirety of your face, so it’s your job to find the perfect shape of lips for your face type. 
Buttocks Sculpting
Finally, let’s talk about buttocks. The booty is one of the most important parts of the body in this very moment (Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez even have a song called “Booty”), and the bigger your booty is, the better. There’s a catch, though – no celebrity will admit that they underwent the buttocks sculpting procedure. However, there are those celebrities who are rumored to have enlarged their booties, such as Cardi B, Heidi Montag or Blac Chyna. Bottom line – if you are not satisfied with your behind, go ahead and choose buttocks sculpting as your next cosmetic procedure, but if you want to be modern make sure you deny such accusations!

As you can see, celebrities are regular people who undergo certain cosmetic procedures, so is it really important? Be as it may, they make cosmetic procedures a bit less taboo, so we can finally choose whichever we want without feeling guilty!

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  1. I did consider microblading in the past but I still can't bring myself to any of these invasive treatments especially like botox or fillers. I guess I've watched too many programmes like Botched xx

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