Tuesday, August 22, 2017


In the morning I always wakeup with a positive outlook, a fresh to-do list, high hopes for the day, and ready to accomplish and take on what lies ahead that particular day. In the fast pace/impatient world we live in the stress can sometimes manage to slowly creep through out the day, between traffic, social media, constantly checking your phone, email, dealing with at times unpleasant people {who are enviably also stressed.

I’m a little ashamed to admit this but after giving my dog a hug, which honestly does relieve some of the stress, I’ll grab something chocolate, a coke, and a book, head to my closet and just sit in there awhile and read and decompress. I know it sounds a little strange but something about being in a small space around my things has always calmed me… I guess that is my inner cat lady coming out.

In the event that you are not a fellow stressed closet seeker, below are a few tips to help you unwind from the day.

1.      Unplug// It’s sometimes impossible to escape the stress that’s trying to swallow you unless you do the dreaded deed of unplugging, in other words walking away from your phone, computer, etc. for an hour or even just 10 minutes will help. I am a bit of a phone junkie and when I first started the practice of ‘unplugging’ it was hard to walk away from my phone a good length of time, but it gets easier and easier and truly does make all the difference.

2.    Adult Coloring Books// Ok…laugh all you want, but turning on the TV and coloring for a little bit really does wonders to take you mind off what ever is bothering you and just not think for a little bit and afterwards you are better able to process certain things.

3.    Exercise// When you are physically active your body releases endorphins, which boost your mood! Exercising not only keeps you in shape but it melts stress away.

4.    Music// Put on some danceable music and jump around till you start to feel happy again. This one goes back to the release of endorphins but music is involved and dancing, so…

5.    Mediation and/or Breathing// Yoga is kind of the perfect solution for this one, not to mention it will make you toned too! During mediation the body decreases the production of stress hormones and starts to release calming hormones, and improves overall health

6.    Sleep// The more rested you are the better able you are to process information that may otherwise be stressful

7.     Take a Hot Bath// Turn on some relaxing music, light some scented candles, throw in a bath bomb, and unwind. Taking a hot bath relaxes muscles and long baths can be soothing for the mind

8.    Animals// If you don’t have an animal you should seriously consider getting one. Their personalities, caring souls, and loving natures will instantly put you at ease the moment you walk through the door


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    1. Thank you! Happy to see you enjoyed this post!

  2. exercising is so important. a sane soul needs a sane body.

    dahi from strangeness-and-charms.com

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