Wednesday, August 23, 2017

5 Super-Cozy Fall Party Ideas

I know…I know, it’s almost 90 outside, pool season is still in swing, and sundresses are a must. Despite all this I am already getting excited for the fall season. Layering, outerwear, that crisp feeling in the air, leaves changing colors, football, fires, PSLs, boots, sweaters, just the thought of it gives me a sense of excitement. Summers are usually associated as a social season with BBQs, summer luncheons, vacations, etc. but fall can be just as social of a season, in fact with the crisp weather, football, transitional foods, some might even say it is the perfect season to have a party. Today Peter Minkoff has been so kind to write a guest post sharing 5 of his favorite Fall party ideas!
Fall can be a really pleasant season for throwing fabulous parties. You don't have to wait for Thanksgiving or Halloween to be creative and gather all your friends and family together, but have them over more often and plan a party you'll all remember for a long time. Since the weather doesn't get too cold, you could go from outdoor, rooftop, to indoor party and have fun either way. With yummy food and interesting activities, you'll have trouble keeping the guests away from your amazing party.

Open house party

Did it ever occur to you how some people just have a knack for throwing parties on the same day, making it impossible for you to attend both? What's more, other times you just decide not go to either of the parties so you wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings for attending one and not the other. To avoid causing that problem to your friends, go with an open house party, and have it last minimum 6 hours, so the guests can squeeze it into their schedule. Light a fireplace to set the mood, and have people gather around the fire to talk and enjoy their mini apple pies and apple cider or wine. With a punch bowl set around an apple cider bar, add red-hots, cinnamon sticks, and Werther’s caramels to offer the guests a real symphony of tastes.

Rooftop bash

Fall is still warm enough to keep the party outside, so a rooftop shindig sounds like an amazing idea. This is especially true for New Yorkers who have the opportunity to enjoy the view of their gorgeous city from the top, and they don’t miss a single chance to do it. Therefore, be sure you get all the necessary dinner tables and chairs, hang the lamps and various lighting to set the mood. Don’t bother making the menu yourself but look for some of the best New York catering services and have the exquisite food delivered to you. Consider outdoor rugs and canvas cushions for a cozy ambiance. 

Theme party

Going with the theme always leaves room for creative decorations and food choices. Halloween is the perfect example for a themed party, and instead of just letting the kids have fun with trick-or-treating, you should have some fun of your own and throw a Halloween bash. Instead of just focusing on the food, and decoration, think about exciting games you could play, like having to put a cookie on their forehead and get it from there to the mouth only with the use of their facial muscles and not hands.

All About Fall party

Celebrate Fall with All About Fall party, and introduce various orange, yellow gold, and brown tones as well as leaves and pumpkins, into the interior decor for the bash. Think about a self-serve drinks station with hot beverages, and another one with true fall food as soups and caramel apples. It’ll create the cozy feel, and help people socialize better. In case the weather gets chillier than predicted, you can always keep the guests warm with extra blankets, hot chocolate and delicious cider.

National day party

Getting a party themed around some of the national days can be rather exciting. November 8th is a national Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day, so you can have all your guests bring the surprising mixture of food they've created especially for the party. What's more, go with the Sesame Street Day and make the party interesting for both children and grown-ups by choosing to turn it into a costume party. Have the food in the shape of the characters, or drinks named after them and use colorful decorations to truly depict the Sesame Street vibe.

Final thoughts

Planning a fall party offers plenty of delicious food choices to pick from, and mix with enjoyable beverages to create the delightful feast for all the guests. However, if you don’t feel like cooking everything on your own, you can always hire a catering service or have all the guests bring a little something of their own and taste various delicious meals. 


  1. i love theme parties! i'd love to decorate the house with blooms in different autumn shades and with pumpkins all over the house, pumpkin cakes etc.

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