Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Favorite Interior Design Instagramers To Follow

It is almost impossible to imagine that up until six short years ago Instagram wasn’t even a thing. I don’t even know what I did with my pictures back before Instagram… I guess sending them via text or gchat was the next best thing, because let’s face facts, posting pictures on facebook just is not quit as satisfying as doing a quick edit, finding the perfect filter, and posting it on Instagram.

Over the years Instagram accounts have evolved from strictly personal picture to a platform for amateur photographers to put themselves out there and get feed back, another social media platform for blogger, cooks, and other creative, a way for fashion companies to advertise and give outfit inspiration all the way to my personal favorites, interior design Instagram accounts.

Confession: I have always enjoyed going through show houses, open houses, just browsing around different interior design shops, and when I was young and thought I was invincible/didn’t think things through on walks and runs I would even wonder into the occasional empty house {aka furniture was moved out and no one was living there} that was for sale just to see how the house was laid out, paint colors, lighting, landscaping, etc. And before anyone sends an email or leaves a comment…is it really breaking and enter if the house is for sale, it’s empty, the homeowners no longer live there, and one of the doors just happens to be unlocked? My answer was obviously no…

I’m always crushing on Instagram accounts and right now it’s mostly  interior design accounts. I love how they mix room designs they have done, with exteriors, landscaping, Pinterest, and other Instagram pictures. Below are my current top 5 favorite Interior design accounts to follow!