Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Chocolate Craving

Lately after I workout I literally cannot get a chocolate item in my mouth fast enough. Typically people spend 30 minutes to an hour working out – one deserves one or three pieces of chocolate after all that hard work right?

When I am in need of a chocolate fix my go-to is the Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Squares. As good as those little squares are nothing beats the taste of a homemade chocolate desert that has just been freshly made.

Here’s where to get the recipe. Click on the name of the desert to be directed to the website where you can find the recipe.
1.               ChocolateMacaroon
2.             ChocolateLasagna
3.             GiantDouble Chocolate Cookies


  1. I'm saving that chocolate lasagne recipe for when I'm craving rich dessert. I feel like I've gotten away from baking lately in favor or cooking, but I need to get back on my baking track!