Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gilmore Girls

Is it just me or is Gilmore Girls one of those shows that just never gets old? The first season of the Gilmore Girls premiered when I was in the eighth grade, and I have not grown tired of it yet. When I was in high school on Tuesday nights I would always take a break from doing homework/studying right at 7 o’clock on the dot so I could enjoy an hour of my favorite show. Of course my Gilmore Girl watching did not stop in college and my roommate teased me about it, in a good-natured way.

I have always loved the mother/daughter dynamic – Lorelei and Rory always seemed so in sync {minus a few shows here and there}. Besides they are both people you would want to be friends with in real life, if they actually existed . Both the characters are such fun, loveable people, with ambitions, who are always growing and evolving throughout the different seasons of the show. 

Have I mentioned the town of Stars Hallow yet? If I stumbled upon a small cozy town one day filled with quirky and eccentric characters that would be like the icing on the cake. If Stars Hallow was an actual place I would go visit!

 I just recently rediscovered while working out at the gym when I decided to watch something different than the Food Network. Confession: now when I have the time to workout during the week day I try to go to the gym at 10 or 11 just so I can watch the Gilmore Girls while I workout.

After watching a few shows, recently, one of the reasons I think I have enjoyed watching the Gilmore Girls so much over the years is because it was such a relatable for me. From the school uniform to all the high school homework to Rory’s love of reading to friendships evolving and changing, to going to college, to Rory showing up way too early to class, and more – I could relate to many elements of the show, as I am sure others could as well.

Who else out there loves the Gilmore Girls?


  1. I actually never really got into this show, I have to check it out!

  2. I didn´t watch this show when it was on tv! But i heard there are a lot of cute guys on it ajjajajja

    1. Haha I will admit some of the guys are attractive...

  3. Replies
    1. Happy to see you enjoyed this post!

  4. I've heard such good things about Gilmore Girls but I've never actually seen it, ugh now I need to Netflix it!

    1. It is a great show, and one that never gets old!