Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Favorite Leave In Conditioners

When it comes to appearances everything can be wrong: I can hate the outfit I’m wearing, have no make up, have on an uncomfortable pair of shoes, and be fine, but when my hair doesn’t feel right or I am just having a plain old bad hair day my whole day goes off course and my mood is subpar.

I have used the same leave in conditioner for years and years - it works so fantastically I was never tempted to branch out. However, last week I was forced to; the store I usually buy my leave in conditioner at no longer carries it. I was out of leave in conditioner, no where in Nashville carries Evo LiquidRollers, luckily I was able to track some down on the internet, but in the mean time I had to experiment to try and find a leave in conditioner stand in for the time being.

Some of you may think I am over reacting, but for those of you out there who have curly hair you understand that the struggle is real…use the wrong product and a bad hair day will descend upon you. Finding a good leave in conditioner to temporarily take place of the one I normally use was definitely trial and error. The first one I tried dried my hair out so badly, I was one step away from looking like Ruby Sue from Christmas Vacation. Fortunately, on my hair car adventure I found a few other wonderful leave in conditioners, below are a few of my favorites!


  1. I love a good leave-in. My favorite is Its a 10!

    1. I really like Its a 10 and their conditioner is wonderful!