Friday, January 2, 2015

My Look Back On 2014

SOMETHING NEW I TRIED WAS YOGA: Trying Yoga was on “My New Years 2014 Goals” list I am proud to say I can mark it off! Now granted I only just got a chance to try it once before the New Year rolled around, but I loved, I felt really relaxed afterward. Yoga is something I am definitely going to try to work into my schedule a couple times a week.

A BAD HABBIT I BROKE WAS DRINKING TOO MUCH COCA-COLA: I’m not a coffee drinker so to get a bump of energy in the morning I was drinking a coke or two to start my day. Towards the end of 2013 I think I was up to drinking between 4-6 Cokes a day, which is not a good. Once 2014 started I made a valid attempt to stop drinking so much Coke, now I love Coke, but I am glad I am not consuming six of them a day, one definite benefit is that I sleep much better at night.

MY FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT WAS THE BEACH: I think no matter where I go and no matter how many places I get to see {which is hopefully a lot} I think being by an ocean will always be my favorite place to be. There is something about the sound of the waves and salt air the slows down time a little, heels the soul, gives you new perspective, and a peaceful mind.

MY FAVORITE BOOK READ IN 2014 IS THE DARLINGS BY CRISTINA ALGER: This is a book I recommend to anyone and everyone. Read it, you will not be disappointed.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE WATCHED IN 2014 IS THE GREAT GATSBY: F. Scott Fitzgerald is such an amazing writer plus he had the good sense to marry a Southerner. I really enjoyed this movie for a few reason: Loved reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, watched it for the first time on a perfect movie night, the 10th and 12th grade were my two most favorite years of high school and I read this book in the 10th grade so it bought back a sense of nostalgia, and the production of the movie was taken just far enough. It’s a movie to be added to the collection.

FAVORITE FASHION TREND OF 2014 WAS MODERN PLAID AND WINTER PASTELS: I was a little resistant to get into the plaid trend when it first started a few years, due to all the years spent in Catholic schools wearing a plaid skirt, but know I love it! The more plaid the better. Last winter was the first winter where it was acceptable to wear white jeans during the winter and that pastel sweater became popular. I was so relived when this happened; the winter months can be a little gray and at times depression so why not add a little color to the atmosphere whit a few beautiful pastel sweaters and coats.

MY FAVORITE MEMORY/EXPERIENCE WAS… I was fortunate enough to have way to many wonderful memories and experiences in 2014 to list, and for this I am very thankful.

ONE WAY I GREW IN 2014 WAS I GAINED A NEW PERSPECTIVE: Each year I try to grow as a person in all aspects: mentally, spiritually, physically, etc. Sometimes we have to look back on experiences to gain perspective and to move forward in a different more positive way. When something changes your perspective, even if it is an experience you would have rather not have experienced, as long as it changes/gives you a new perspective in a way it is a good thing, because it made you grow as an individual.



  1. Doing Yoga is one of my new years resolutions in 2015! I am excited to try it :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. The beach is my happy place as well. I always feel at peace and totally relaxed when I'm near the water and in the sun.

    1. Me too, it is the best medicine for the soul.

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