Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favorite Bath Time Products

Confession: I love showers/baths and naturally bath products. I shower at least twice a day and if I had the time I would probably work in one more shower during the day. When I was in college I would take a shower in the morning, before I worked out {weird, I know}, after I worked out, and before bed.

The shower is the place where I do some of my best thinking – blog ideas, new things to try, process information, let my mind wonder to where it wants. I think it has something to do with the combination of the water running overhead, steam, and just a relaxed environment.

Naturally, since I am such a fan of showers/baths I have many bath products and have come across a few favorites that I would have trouble being without. I honestly have five different shampoos and a good selection of body washes… Choices are always good, right? Besides I like to mix thing up every now and then!

DryBarTexas Tea// Most favorite shampoo in the history of shampoos. This past October I splurged on the DryBar hair dryer {great investment} that came with the Texas Tea shampoo and a few other products. Long story short, I used the shampoo once and I was hooked – my hair never felt so clean, soft, and as an added bonus it smells divine.

Dove GoFresh Pomegranate Body Wash// I have used this body was I think since high school. I love how it smells and it does not leave you with the feeling of having any residue of the body wash left behind.

JackBlack Clean Cream Body Wash// Yes, I realize that Jack Black is a “man’s product line”, but their body wash is amazing, give it a try and you won’t regret it. Side note: Jack Black lip balm is hands down my favorite lip balm, specifically the black tea scented lip balm.

CetaphilGentle Skin Cleanser// If you are fighting dry skin due to the winter season this is the cure-all for dry skin.

PanteneCurl Perfection// My hair is naturally curly, Pantene Curl Perfection is the Shampoo that seems to work best for my – it keeps the frizz under control and makes my hair shiny. I usually wash my hair with 2 or 3 shampoos but I always, always use this shampoo every time I wash my hair.

RedkenAll Soft Shampoo// I don’t use this shampoo very often, but if I have put too much heat on my hair I always use this the next day; it instantly takes away the dryness and restores my hair.

Lush BathBomb//Amazing is all I have to say about these. Try one and you will understand.

EVOLiquid Rollers Curl Balm// I have a hard time finding a conditioner that works well for me. I actually use this curl balm as my conditioner and leave-in conditioner. I would have a hard time functioning without this product.

Clean& Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub// I have used this product since the eighth grade and still love it; definitely a bath time staple.

CetaphilDaily Facial Cleanser// Helps keep skin hydrated, especially during the winter months.


  1. I use the Dove body wash as well and I Love it!! I use it to shave my legs and it works great!


    1. I have never thought to use Dove body was to shave legs - I will have to give it a try!

  2. I swear by Cetahpil products. One of my cousins got me a lush bath bomb for Christmas this past year shaped like santa - I was shocked when it turned the whole tub green! It smelled amazing though, so I will definitely be giving them another try.

    Pick Your Beau

    1. Cetaphil products are amazing and the Lush bath bombs are so neat!

  3. I need to look into that skin cleanser because my skin has been so dry during these past few months!

    1. It does the trick, especially when coupled with Cetaphil body lotion!

  4. Those all seem great! I'll have to check them out. I recently binged on the Bath and Body Works sale :p

    Mary Mae
    Western Prep

    1. I love Bath and Body Works - I wish there was a store closer to me!

  5. I love redken all soft! Great post! I'd love for you to check out my latest :) xoxo


    1. I will be sure to stop by your blog a little later on :)