Friday, March 13, 2020

Guest Post :: 5 Most Popular Permanent Makeup Treatments

Personally, I am not sure if permanent makeup is something I would actually get, but I am so intrigued by the process of permanent make and all the options that are available. Permanent makeup is supposed to be a pretty big makeup trend for 2020, and honestly with every thing that goes on in the morning I could see someone getting permanent eyeliner or something super basic and timeless like that just to save time. Today on the blog Tilly is guest posting and sharing the five most popular permanent makeup treatments for 2020.
2020 will be the year of permanent makeup, that’s for sure. When you consider all the benefits, this is no wonder. Not having to do your makeup every single morning and not having to worry about it getting ruined throughout the day is more than enough motivation to consider permanent and semi-permanent makeup as an alternative.
The thing about permanent makeup is, there’s something for everybody. What permanent makeup basically is is injecting pigments into the skin using different tools, techniques, and pigment colors.There’s a range of procedures developed to make your lives easier without having to sacrifice your looks, such as lip and cheek blushing, microblading, powder brows, ombre brows, permanent eyeliner, BB glow… Whatever your everyday makeup look is, there’s a way to achieve its permanent version. We give you the 5 trendiest permanent makeup treatments at the moment!


This is the procedure most people think about when permanent makeup is mentioned. Styling brows with microblading eyebrows technique means drawing hair-like lines between the natural hairs, giving your brows thickness and an illusion of volume, correcting the shape to best suit your face along the way. Results of microblading done right are very subtle. They will transform your face without being obvious and you’ll have Instragrammable brows for up to 2 years without pencils or gels. 

Lip Blushing

No, this is not the lipliner tattoo of the 90’s. Lip blushing is a way to achieve lush lip color that looks natural and gives a no-makeup look. The artist injects pigment in countless dotting motions. You can even get a subtle ombre that will make your lips look fuller besides deepening their color. This is a way to better the color of your lips without stickiness of smudging. The color range is wide, but most clients opt for more natural flesh colored shades appropriate for any occasion.
Lips retain pigment less than the rest of the face, so it might take a couple of touch ups to get it right. But once you do, you’ll have juicy, kissable lips for up to a year!

Freckle Tattoos

Meghan Markle made freckles the biggest beauty trend of 2019. Those of us not naturally blessed with them now have a way to create this look with permanent makeup. 
With freckle tattoos, the technician uses a dotting technique to inject pigments slightly darker than your natural skintone. Some artists use machine needles, others do it manually, but with freckle tattoos, the chances of it not looking right are minimal, as freckles are supposed to be uneven and are often different in color. So this is one treatment where fading isn’t a problem. They’re supposed to look soft and natural! You can get as many or as few as you want and they will stay visible for about 2 years.

Ombre Brows

It’s also worth mentioning ombre brows treatment as a more dramatic alternative to microblading. In this case, a shade is added on top of the hair-like lines, which gives more obvious results. The ombre part means that the arch is darkest at its tail, and gets gradually lighter towards the centre of the forehead. 
Ombre brows are usually completed in 2 visits to the tech and last longer than microblading – up to 3 years.

Permanent Eyeliner

Let’s end with a staple. If you’re thinking about getting just one cosmetic procedure, the permanent eyeliner is probably the best option, as it never goes out of style. Permanent eyeliner is usually done just above the lash line. For a more dramatic look, the artist can cover more area with pigment and draw on a visible line. If you want a subtler look that you can build upon with regular makeup for special occasions, you can opt for a so-called lash enhancement, where the line blends into the lashes and gives you the illusion of a liner&mascara combo.  It’s totally customizable. The artist can adapt the thickness, color and shape of the line to look just like you usually draw it. 
You’ll be waking up for up to 3 years with your eyeliner on point!

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