Thursday, March 26, 2020

My Five Current Favorite Apps

With the current lifestyle change I have been on my phone and computer a little more than normal. Not the greatest habit, but sometimes when I’m nervous, procrastinating, or simply have nothing else to do I’ll scroll around on my phone. 

I’ve been trying to use apps that lead to more productivity, reduce anxiety, or are somewhat educational. Here are my top favorite current apps right now.
Asana Rebel// Since gyms have been closed I have been trying to be resourceful with trying to find different workout videos or apps to use and this one is a really great resource 

Duolingo// When I was in middle school and high school and was actually required to learn a foreign language I really wasn’t all that interested in the prospect of learning a new language with everything else that is your plate at that age. However, now that I am order I so wish I knew how to speak French or Italian. They are just such beautiful languages, and the history behind each culture is just fantastic. Duolingo is a perfect app to use if you’re interested in learning a new language and it is so user friendly  

Hey Color// Remember the whole adult coloring book wave that was so popular back in 2016/2017? I was never able to get too into that trend… For me personally I honestly found it more relaxing to just do a bit of free draw. This app is color by number and it is actually oddly relaxing, it’s probably the one time I’m ever going to the electronic version of something is better than the actual thing, but electronic adult coloring is actually better than real-life adult coloring books

White Noise// Between the news, not being able to follow my usual weekly schedule, and being in a bit more than I usually am, for me personally it’s kind of created a low level of anxiety for me that makes it a little hard to fall a sleep at night and then the next morning I can so feel the drag of not get a proper night’s rest. I recently started using a white noise app for nights when I am having trouble falling asleep and it actually works. 

SimplyE// I haven’t actually used this app yet, but I just love how the NYC library is offering over 300,000 audio books through this app for free. The only catch is you have to have a library card, which I haven’t had since college… but if you have a library card this is such a great app!

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