Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Beautiful Coffee Table Books

Honestly, what is the point of having a coffee table unless you are going to fill it with a ridiculous number of beautiful coffee table books? My preferred method for displaying books on a coffee is to simply arrange them in stacks and having them going neatly across lengthwise. I just like the organized effect it gives and the effortless elegance it adds to a room
Everyone has a favorite coffee table type, mine is either glass or mirrored top that have two to three shelves {like this one or this one}. I love to use the very top of shelf of a coffee table to display flowers, coasters, a try of some sort, one stack of books, and of course a candle. I also prefer to display larger books on a coffee table for the simple reasons that coffee table books are a statement piece, and the more practical reason, larger books usually will not fit on a bookshelf. Here are a few of my favorite coffee table books…

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