Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My 10 Favorite Quick and Easy Recipes

I know that with the current conditions we are all working with that cooking at home might be a little bit more commonplace than it usually is for you. I know for me personally I have not been eating out to speak of…not to complain, but I do miss the grilled cheese and hamburger at the RH CafĂ©… I have my fingers crossed that restaurants and other service industries open backup and assume their normal routine, but for now I thought it was a great opportunity to share a few recipes…

Maybe this is weird, but when I’m stressed I actually use cooking as a stress reliever and listen to either Christmas music or Frank Sinatra, depending on my mood. That said, even though I enjoy cooking to an extent, I don’t like standing in the kitchen for three hours to put together a meal… I feel pretty safe in saying that most people probably share my feelings in not wanting to spend an excessive amount of time cooking, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite quick and easy recipes! 
This is the perfect dish to cook on a cool day when you have nowhere to go. It’s super easy to make, cleanup, and it smells great while it’s cooking and taste even better

I love this dish – the filling is beyond delish and it always comes out looking beautiful. When I make this dish I usually sub out the ground beef for ground turkey, I add corn, and leave out the salt just because there is already salt in the cheese. You’ll have a decent amount of left over pepper filling; I usually save it for later to put in a lettuce wrap and make a quick taco, and of course you can always use the extra filling to make a few more stuffed peppers! 

I am such a big fan of Ina – all of her recipes always turn out amazing, even if they don’t always look exactly like the picture… good news: this recipe will definitely end up looking like the picture! You do have to allow about 8 hours for the tenderloin to marinate; I have also let it marinate over night before {is there such a thing as marinating meat for too long?} and it always turns out great

Okay, yes, I realize asparagus isn’t a meal, it’s a side, but I love it. I’m not a big chip person and I am always either snacking on bell peppers or asparagus… This recipe always taste so delicious and it goes with basically anything – as far as I’m concerned, it’s the neutral of the food world

This is 100% always a crowd pleaser and it is so delicious and easy to put together. From start to finish it takes a little under one hour to prep and cook. It’s a great lunch or dinner dish and you will always have left overs {unless you are feeding more than 8}

This is one of my favorite recipes simply for the fact that it is so easy to put together and I feel like it is pretty healthy overall just because you don’t have to add all the extra added toppings {if you don’t want to} that you have to with regular chili}. The recipe calls for 2 chicken breast, but I usually use 3 smaller chicken breast just because they cook up more tender and the little extra meat thickens up the chili mixture. 

You can’t say I didn’t warn you that I am a fan of Ina’s! If I could spend a day with her and Jennifer Gardner my year would be absolutely be made. This dish is super easy to make – the only time consuming thing about it is you have to let the tomato mixture sit out for about four hours

The amount of things you can do with a cast-iron skillet really does amaze me.  Call me lazy, but if I’m not going to get pizza out, I usually buy a frozen cheese pizza and cut up a few fresh vegetables to put on it. However, if you are more homemade pizza driven than I am, cast-iron skillet pizzas really are a great alternative to eating out.

Is there anything better than bbq chicken complete with cheese grits? For this recipe I usually buy the larger tray of chicken tenders {or 2 smaller trays if the large tray isn’t available} instead of using the chicken breasts. I also add in a little honey to the bbq sauce, even if it the sauce already has honey in it, and I cook the chicken about 3 minutes longer than the recipe says to. It taste great right out of the oven, heated back up, used to make a chicken sandwich, and you can even use the left over bbq chicken to cut up and put on you frozen cheese pizza… I mean, who out there doesn’t love a bbq chicken pizza…

This dish is so tasty and easy to make, minus the clean up. For this recipe I always squeeze a fresh lemon over the chicken once it’s cooked and garnish with a little freshly grated parmesan cheese and parsley. For the warmer months of the year I sever it over fresh greens and a few vegetables. Then for the cooler months…not the healthiest thing in the world… but, I melt fresh mozzarella on the chicken, server over pasta, and top with a marinara sauce, and to top it off… you guessed it, some freshly grated parmesan cheese. Again, the winter version isn’t as healthy as the summer version, but it is definitely comfort food at it’s finest 

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