Thursday, November 29, 2018

Favorite Netflix Christmas Movies

Starting the day after Thanksgiving {ahem…a few days before Thanksgiving} I pretty much have Christmas movies going 24/7. The Christmas season is only so long, and you have to squeeze in as many holiday movies as possible – right? 

I love everything about the Christmas season, it is like the world has been dusted with a coat of magic complete with twinkle lights, people are a bit merrier {minus the mall parking situation}, and there is such a level of excitement that no other point of the year can replicate. 

I am extremely guilty of being ‘one of those people’ who actually enjoys hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies… lately at night I have been watching some Netflix Christmas movie originals while I go through email, and they are actually really good this year, and not just in the cheesy way of being good. So…here is a round up of all my favorite new Netflix Christmas movies!
The Princess Switch// Any other High School musical fans out there?! Remember Vanessa Hudgens {aka Gabriella}. Well, she is back to playing not just one but two lovable parts in The Princess Switch. Stacy, a baker and type-a planner, takes a spontaneous trip to Belgravia to compete in a Christmas Baking Contest. While there Stacy runs into an identical stranger, who just happens to be free- spirited Duchess Margaret, who wants nothing more than to experience life as a normal person. 

The Christmas Chronicles// This is one that I for sure thought was going to be overdone and a bit on too on the cheesy side, but was actually pretty good. Kate and Teddy Pierce, hatch a plan to catch Santa in the act, but when their plan goes wrong, and unexpected journey that will leave you wanting more happens.

Christmas with a View//Okay…okay… this one actually is a bit on the cheesy side, but hey, I had to throw at least one in the mix. A failed restaurateur and celebrity chef start to fall in love, until secret business aspirations might ruin their Christmas romance.

The Spirit of Christmas//Kate, a lawyer, has three weeks to get a haunted bed and breakfast appraised and sold, but an uncooperative manager claims a spirit lives in the bed and breakfast will not approve. 

Christmas in the Smokies// This one caught my eye because I instantly thought of the Smokey mountains in Tennessee! A fun holiday movie that tells the story of how one family managed to save their berry farm against all odds. And of course, there is a Christmas romance! 

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