Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tis The Season

Usually it seems like people start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but on my way home tonight I saw beautifully decorated Christmas trees on display in the front windows of homes, yards beautifully hug, and a wreath on the door waiting to meet any guest that might come its way. My theory is that 2018 has been a year that has had many ups and downs, and people are ready to sprinkle a little holiday magic on their lives and celebrate the holiday and all it has in store.
I am kind of a Christmas nut anyway; I start listening to Christmas music about the middle of October, I push the envelope with decorating a touch early, and I always find some excuse to leave the Christmas tree up a little longer than I should. One of my favorite things about Christmas is pulling out Christmas ornaments, taking a walk down memory lane, and adding a few new ones to the collection. So for todays post I thought it would be fun to share a few ornaments I am completely crushing on at the moment.

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