Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How To Pick The Right Mascara

Confession: I have like 10 mascaras in my makeup draw and every one serves a different purpose, but I usually have no idea what I am doing when I am actually buying mascara… It took me years to figure out that mascara brush plays a major part in the appearance of the mascara once it is actually on {pretty obvious, I know…}. Today Peter Minkoff is guest posting and is sharing some fabulous tips on how to pick the right mascara.
Truth be told, almost every girl in the world will agree that her favorite mascara is one of the most magical makeup products that can make a huge difference. If you’re one of them, too, you know what we’re talking about. On the other hand, if you haven’t found the perfect one yet – you’re undoubtedly at the right place! Here are useful tips on how to pick the right mascara, so check them out and nail this task!

Remember: Not All Lashes Are Created Equal                          
The first and one of the mostessential things you should know is that not all lashes are made the same, which is exactly why there are so many types of mascaras on the market nowadays. Using the right mascara which perfectly suits your lashes is just like finding the right moisturizer for your skin, so do your best to pay much more attention to your choice. Apart from its formula, you should also find the right type of wand which will give your lashes what they need – an extra oomph!
What Kind of a Wand Do I Actually Need?

Speaking of mascara wands, there certainly are a lot of types you should take into consideration, so keep on reading if you want to find an appropriate one for your lash type. Here are some main types and comparisons:

Fiber Wand vs. Plastic Wand
Even though there has been a heated debate on which one’s better between the fiber wand and the plastic one, the truth is that the end result isn’t actually that different. In fact, it’s all about your personal preferences and what you find more comfortable to work with around your eyes. After all, it’s the application that makes the biggest difference, which is why you should practice your skills and master them over time.

Thick Wand vs. Skinny Wand
We know that you’ve already seen those mascaras with really thick wands, right? Well, if the volume was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw them, you were absolutely right! If your lashes need more drama and volume, be sure to get the best smudgeproof mascara with a thick wand and you’ll do a great job! On the other hand, skinny wands are usually designed for emphasizing your lashes in a natural way. Such mascaras will extend your lashes and coat them from root to end, which is completely amazing if that’s your cup of tea.

 Curved Wand vs. S-Shaped Wand
Curved wands are a huge hit in the beauty industry nowadays, too, and we must say that they are designed to help in curling and adding shape to natural lashes. Girls who have long, straight lashes that don’t actually curl adore such mascaras, so make sure to give them a try – but after using an eyelash curler in the first place! However, if you prefer layering your mascara for a more dramatic look, you should better look for a mascara with an S-shaped wand. These are unarguably the best when it comes to clump-free application, so you won’t regret if you opt for such a wand.
Hourglass Wand vs. Ball-Shaped Wand
An hourglass wand is at the top of the list when it comes to mascaras that do wonders for your lashes, but do you know why that is? Well, that’s because they apply the product evenly, from root to end – even if you love multiple coats. On the other hand, there are also ball-shaped wands that actually seem a bit horrifying at first, but you know what? They certainly do an amazing job for your lashes, even though they require a bit more time and effort than other mascara wands. Such a wand is actually designed to coat the entire lash and help you work on details, as it basically forces you to be more precise in application. If that’s what you need, just go for it!

As you can see, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration when picking the right mascara, and its wand is definitely one of the most important factors you shouldn’t overlook. Just make sure to bear our tips in mind and you’ll unquestionably find the perfect one that will give your lashes more volume and/or length. That’s a promise! 

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  1. I've never put much thought into buying mascara before. Great tips. Thanks for sharing..