Thursday, November 8, 2018

Managing Your Time

I am quite possibly one of the worst time management people you will ever know. I am usually on time {aka five minutes late} to the very first place I have to be in the morning and after that I get progressively later throughout the day. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but on more than one occasion I have been 30 minutes to a dinner date…pretty terrible, I know...

It used to be a little bit more acceptable to run a bit behind time, but now that I’m older it’s a trait I’m trying to break which is not as easy as you might think. Below are a few things I have been doing lately to help myself be a little more on time.

Stop listening to music// I always listen to music when I am getting ready to go somewhere. A pretty simple habit that most people do, but I can be ready to walk out the door a full 15 minutes sooner if I don’t listen to music.

Checking E-Mail and/or social media accounts// The phone can be like a black hole of wasted time for me. I can get on there to respond to a quick email and end up watching a 20-minute long cooking video on YouTube

Leave Earlier// Recently I have been leaving the house about 5 minutes sooner than I need to, and let me just say that 5 minutes sounds like a small amount of time, but wow! what a difference 5 minutes can make

Prepare The Night Before// At night I have started to spend about thirsty minutes to an hour getting organized for he next day. It makes it so musch easier to just hit the ground sooner

Set The Clocks a Little Ahead of Time// I am one of those people who will let the clock wind down to its very last minute, so I have started setting my write watches a little earlier 

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