Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tell Me Three Things

I realize I have completely fallen off my book reading game. At the start of the year I was so on top of things so much so that I was reading one or two books a week; I fully intend to get back to reading at least that much especially since it is summer. Between helping my sister read plan a wedding, the passing of a family dog, an unexpected {but much welcomed} beach trip, and a few other things, I have fallen a little behind in pretty much every way: emails, blog posts, DMs, social media post, etc. - so if you have messaged me or tried to contact me through social media and I haven’t answered yet, please have a little patience, because I am in the process of going through all my messages and emails. In advance I apologize to all of you out there who have yet to receive a reply.

Now on to the book review… Between everything going on I actually had a chance to finish a book when I was at the beach. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now you are probably well aware of the fact that one of my favorite guilty pleasures is young adult books. Don’t judge, they actually have pretty great story lines these days, tackle a few important topics, and can make for a great light read.
I just finished up reading Tell Me Three Things, by Julie Buxbaum; full confession it took my close to two months to finish this book just because of everything being so hectic {insert face palm emoji}. This book was the perfect mix of sweet, serious, pain, funny, and romantic. It honestly made for a great beach read.

In her new life out in Los Angeles, Jessie feels like everything about herself is wrong. What worked for her in Chicago does not seem to work for her at her new prep school in LA. It’s been two years since her mother passed away, her father recently eloped with a woman he met online, which forces Jessie to move out to LA and live with her new step-mom and step-brother.

After a few days of being there Jessie receives an email from Somebody/Nobody {aka SN} offering to be her personal guide on the ins and outs of her new high school and new life out in LA. Taking a leap of faith Jessie decides to trust SN and take their advice. After a few days of communications and feeling pretty confident that SN’s emails aren’t a hoax, Jessie starts to message him everyday, and as you have probably guessed by now they share a lot in common and start to develop feelings for one another.

It is theperfect beach/summer read! I highly recommend this book, especially if you too are a fan of young adult books.

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