Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Guest Post :: The Art of Conscious Living

In the stylistic world that has become the modern age of technology it a blessing and a curse to be so connected all the time. One of the obvious downsides is it leads you to a less conscious way of living, accepting things as they are, and almost seem to fall into this mode of just running on autopilot. Today Peter Minkoff has written a fabulous guest post and is sharing a few tips to help you on your way to achieving the art of consciously living.
Conscious living is not an easy feat. In a lot of situations we simply do things instinctively without putting much thought in what we are doing and when. And if you want to live a conscious life this aspect has to change, and we need to start being aware of what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and about creating  a life that we want rather then just going with the flow and accepting our own circumstances. Balancing all of this is truly an art form in its own right. And this article will help you understand it better and maybe even teach you how apply it in the right way.

Start by developing awareness
The first step in conscious living is becoming aware of yourself and the world around you. You need this in order to see which aspects of your life are on autopilot and which ones you are in control of. It is crucial that you take the time to explore yourself, figure out what kind of a person you are right now and who you want to be. And as soon as we start being aware of our thoughts, actions and our surroundings, we will be able to make conscious decisions about all of those aspects, instead of letting our unconscious mind control them. This will help you feel in control of your life and make some of the choices a lot easier and at the same time more effective. So wake up, and smell the coffee!

Immerse yourself in the art of conscious living

It is not an overnight change. It takes time and effort but the results can be staggering. Start by changing up the little things, and putting some extra thought into some things you without thinking. Take for example gift giving, it is an excellent way to practices both awareness and thoughtfulness. First take the time and observe the person you are buying a gift for, try to truly see them and not your unctuous version of who they are supposed to be. Then take the time to choose the perfect gift, you could go for some memorable and funny gifts that will make them laugh, and introduce a bit of happiness. Again, be aware of the the emotions you cause in others, this will help you adjust and improve on your relationships both at work and in your private life.

Take charge of your life
Conscious living allows us to take charge of our lives. Knowing where we want to be and what we want to achieve can help us steer our lives in the direction we want to go. So strat off by reviewing your past actions and decisions, and try to figure out which of those were intentional and thought through and which were just an instinctive response to a situation. This will provide you with a clear picture of what you life has been so far. Now it is time for a change. First start off my reflection on your daily routine, if it is easier for you, you can keep a journal and right down some of the daily essentials, that way you can review your thought process as well as your daily decision making routine. Next, go a bit wider and see the goals you have set for yourself. Have you achieved them, how long did it take, have you given up, and why. These will all help you get to know yourself better, and that in return will be the driving power for making conscious lifestyle choices from this point forward.
 So there you have it, a conscious lifestyle is truly an art form. It is necessary for us to view all the aspects of our current life in order to make a change, but having the knowledge and perspective that this manner of living our lives allows us to can improve on the overall quality of our life. By getting to know ourselves and taking the time to see what drives us we can have a fuller life, better relationships, more fun and most importantly, quality self reflection. And that is essential for experiencing growth as an individual.

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