Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Guest Post :: Why One Style Won't Fit All

Does anyone else get slightly frustrated when you see someone with a dress or pants on and it looks completely fabulous, and then when you go to try on the same thing for your self it just doesn’t seem to fit quit right? It can be a little hard to accept but sometimes, some styles just don’t fit all. Today Ashley has written a wonderfully informative article exactly on this topic.
At first glance, the one-style-fits-all trend seems to be a lifesaving blessing. Having the same style for bridesmaids at wedding and hosts at certain events could be a really fun and photo-worthy idea. But when you think about it in a practical manner, even general sizing ranges don’t fit us all that well.

Shopping off the rack is a tricky business, especially when it comes to women. It hence doesn't make sense for clothing manufacturers to place us all into certain groups.

Long story short: we’re all different. We have different body types and comfort levels. We have several more reasons why one style simply won’t fit all the people on the planet.

Want to know why?

Let’s explore the reasons.
The Body Type Varies
If you’ve been trying to work on your upper body in the gym lately, your body type would be different from what it was a few months ago. A shirt that fitted you perfectly then would seem way too tight now, especially in the arms and chest area.

The best shirt for this kind of body is one that shows off your new muscles. A one-style-fit-all kind of T-shirt could be too small, with the sleeves riding up your arms and your chest feeling constricted. On the other hand, the shirt may also be too large and not show any muscle at all.

Plus, if the standard shirt is a V-neck, it’s not going to be able to accommodate your chest muscle. Therefore, it wouldn’t be against your neck, but more likely just underneath your chin.
Plus, all those muscles on top could lift a standard shirt above the waistline of your jeans.

All these factors combined will make for quite an uncomfortable and ill-fitting experience.
The Comfort Factor Does Count
Once you’re home, we can bet that you love to kick those heels off and swap your outfit for the comfiest T-shirt in your closet! Perhaps, you love the slipper and T-shirt combo during the weekend. But that loose T-shirt just isn’t meant for venturing outside of the house.

No matter where you go, you may want to be comfy but still look good. Even if you’ve put on a few pounds, baggy clothes aren’t the way to go.

If a one-style-fits-all shirt is baggy on you, it’s not going to be good for anything but lounging about at home. When you go out in it, your problem areas will only stand out all the more.
Personal Taste Makes All The Difference
Everyone has the right to choose the color, style, material, and make of clothes that they’re going to wear. Hence, focusing a one-style-fits-all dress or shirt on anyone is kind of overstepping the boundaries of personal space.

For instance, if you want all your bridesmaids to wear one type of dress, it may not suit each and every one of them. Some may have awkward bulges that they’ll rather hide. Another could have a skinny body type for which she may need something that won’t hang off her.

In short, everyone has their preferences and one style can’t really cater to all of them. Why not let them pick dresses from one nice color range so they can enjoy their own styles?
The Peripherals Are Highly Considered
When choosing any items of clothing, you have to look into the details so you can easily find out if it’s the correct fit. Clothing sizes are a mystery. That’s why they’re rarely an accurate guide.

Hence, you have to look at how the sleeves hug your biceps, how they fall down the length of your arms, and whether the whole effect looks decent or not. If your arms are straining to burst out of the sleeves, you know right away that it’s not a great look.

When buying a T-shirt, for instance, you should be careful that the sleeves reach the middle of your biceps and actually come into contact with your arm.

With one-style-fits-all shirts, the sleeves could be awfully tight even on flowy tops, and vice versa. Again, the sizing thing remains a mystery, even if it’s just one size throughout.

The body fit is another factor to consider seriously before making a purchase. Ideally, you should be able to pinch the side of your shirt and have a couple of inches between your fingers. This will be the case in a well-fitted tee without any pulling or stretching involved.

Needless to say, a standard T-shirt claiming to fit every body type would not offer this much flexibility for everyone who puts it on.

Customization Makes It Easier
Having looked at all the factors that make one-style-fits-all not compatible with a well-fitted wardrobe, we should now consider the alternatives. As it turns out, it’s not at all difficult to have your shirts customized for you! It’s especially easy to customize shirts for the whole family. All you have to do is know where to look!

When you personalize your purchases, you get something that’s unique yet affordable for everyone involved. The quality of such shirts or even dresses is usually quite decent. However, you should be aware of what body type you’re ordering for and just what style that person is comfortable with.

All in all, customized clothing isn’t expensive or particularly time-consuming. It may even pay for itself with just the right fit. With the internet at our fingertips, we can always place an order for what makes us look and feel at our very best.

What’s next?
Take out that measuring tape and make sure you get the fit you deserve!

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