Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I love how fresh flowers, plants, and basically any type of greenery have the ability to freshen and brighten up any room. The only down side to fresh flowers is that they never seem to last very long. Even with changing the water and adding ice cubes to fresh water, the longest I can ever get fresh cut flowers to last is two weeks; first world problems, I know…
I used to always associate non-real/silk flowers with my grandmother’s home d├ęcor of old {aka, not real looking, at all}. Recently silk flowers and plants have increasingly become more and more realistic over the years, and I have become such a huge fan of them. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel slightly like Audrey Hepburn when they place some perfectly arranged silk flowers about.

One of my favorite places to find super realistic flowers and plants is Hedgescapes.com. Me and my online shopping… but guys, this site is great! They even have artificial boxwoods that look completely real. Plus, let’s be honest, it gets so hot in the summer who wouldn’t be tempted to replace a couple outdoor plants with artificial ones?!
Personally I have always been such a sucker for any pink flower out there. Roses and peonies have always been my two favorite flowers and Hedgescape has such a great selection. Recently I received a silk rose arrangement and I am completely obsessed with them! They are a small enough of an arrangement that they can be placed anywhere and make any space look fabulous! So if you are on the hunt for some extremely real looking flowers or plants be sure to check out Hedgescape’s fabulous collection.


  1. I recently started using fake flowers too. It’s hard to find nice ones though, so thank you so much for the recommendation! I’ll get some of these for our new bud vase! xAllie

    1. I highly recommend this company - their silk flowers are just beautiful!