Thursday, June 21, 2018

Guest Post :: How To Dress For A Summer Office Party

Dressing for summer parties can already be a little stressful in and of it, but throw in the fact that it’s and office party and you have just arrived at a new stress level. Luckily, summer parties seem to be far easier to dress for than fall and winter ones. To make things even more easier Peter Minkoff has written a wonderful guest post on how to dress for a summer office party!
The corporate culture landscape has changed to a great extent and aside from a generally looser definition of the office dress code and a few other alluring perks, companies are making huge efforts to keep their employees happy, because a happy worker is a productive and motivated one. We now have a plethora of corporate events, from company picnics and team building retreats to some good old fashion fun that constitutes parties. It seems like everything is a cause for celebration – hitting a new goal, Christmas and New Year, the firm’s anniversary and then there are summer office parties that are more often than not, thrown for no other reason but to celebrate the breezy season and give employees a chance to have some summer fun. Now, even though parties are generally breezy affairs – particularly summer ones, there are certain rules to be followed as you are still in the presence of not only your colleagues but superiors as well, so let’s get right down to it and figure out what those ‘golden middle’ outfits are made of – you know, the ones that say party but also maintain a certain level of appropriateness.

Rooftop evening extravaganza
When your company decides to go big and throw an extravagant and upscale rooftop party, it is your duty to bring your A-game. A tuxedo dress is one of the most foolproof garments to rock for a party of this kind, as it’s both summery and breezy but still conveys a level of professionalism, so it’s a total win-win. Slip dresses, especially satin ones, can be incredibly classy and chic, but given that they mostly feature spaghetti straps, you might want to put a stylish and ‘black-tie’ vibe throw over your shoulders for good measure. Black A-line midi skirts are always a good idea, especially when paired with a white top to match – it can even be a strappy top, as long as the cleavage is still appropriate. You’ll be doing some mingling as well as some dancing so wearing comfortable yet stylish shoes like block-heel sandals is a good idea. For men, this kind of event is a no-brainer. Just follow the Australian, more specifically Sydney trend and you’ll be just fine. Aussie men have become increasingly drawn to suiting up – this is, after all the classiest and most attractive thing a man can put on and be a dapper eye-candy, so whether you’ll get your men’s suits in Sydney and follow the Aussie style to the letter or find a great one wherever in the world you are is your call, but make sure you suit up and be the perfect mixture of corporate and sexy.
A theme party

In case the company decides to throw a theme party – whether it involves dressing according to the fashion popular in one of the decades past or a downright costume party, make sure to honor the dress code by scouting for the perfect flapper dress and head bands, pearls and other extravagant diamond-looking jewelry, (the roaring ‘20s). Men, of course should rent tuxedos and channel their Gatsby vibes. Create those perfect waves, wing that eyeliner and make sure you have the perfect vintage dress for that ‘50s vibe or get your groove on in platform heels. Fellas, wide-leg trousers and striped shirts will suffice for you. Flare jeans and wide shirt collars if you’re in for that ‘70s show are a definite must, or a boho dress with plenty of fringe – similar to Coachella but toned down. Having said all that, it’s paramount to keep things respectful – mind the length of the skirt, the cleavage – showing some skin is completely fine, but you don’t want to run into one of the executives and start pulling your dress down or being aware of your d├ęcolletage.

Casual pool-party type
Don’t let the word casual throw you off into thinking it’s ok to show up in Bermuda shorts. Yes, officially this is a casual event, but you don’t want to show up in shorts and a regular tee – it’s still a corporate party. One of the best ways to mix both worlds is with a stylish kaftan that gives off perfect summer poolside vibes and that you can style up with a belt. Another great option is a breezy floral mid-calf dress with ruffles on the collar and the hemline – very classy casual. Door number three gives you a pair of culottes with a Breton top – for those French summer vibes. Bear in mind that, whichever of these choices you go for, flat sandals are a must – trust us, you don’t want to wear heels and get stuck in the mud and grass with each step you make. As for the guys, short-sleeved Hawaiian shirts and a nice pair of Bermuda shorts will give off the right vibe – especially because this pattern is back in style, so just top things off with a pair of docksides or loafers and you’re good to go.  
The final lesson to remember is – stay away from sheer clothing – you’re in the presence of executives and colleagues, so leave that see-through dress at home for this event. Depending on the type of party, you can wear slightly stronger makeup that you do at the office, but even in this case, you shouldn’t go overboard. Avoid everything that is either too short or too tight – there will be other clubbing nights for you to show your curves off. This is your chance to continue to leave a good impression, so don’t risk it with a risky outfit.

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