Monday, April 2, 2018

How I Unwind At Night

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge and more than not I’m a little wound tight by the time it’s time to go to bed. Once If I stay up till a little past midnight I usually catch my second and am up till 2 – it just a lost cause at that point. For that reason I usually start trying to head to bed around 9:30 so I have time to tie up a few lose ends and have the rest of the night to relax.

For the past few months I have been kind of stressed out at night thinking about all the things that I need to do, all the things that I didn’t accomplish through out the day, and the things I wish I were able to check off my to-do list. Needless to say it is only natural that all the thoughts would lead to a touch of anxiety at night and make it a little difficult to fall asleep. As a remedy to the situation I started implementing a bedtime routine and doing a few things to unwind. So for today’s post I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite things to do unwind!
Charge My Phone// Once it’s 10 and at the very latest 10:30 I make a point to put my phone in it’s charger and not look at it till the morning. My phone can be such a source of anxiety for me – if it’s by my side I literally can’t go 20 minutes without checking email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It has the ability to make me so wired, and being able to put it away at a designated time at night has helped so much.

Take a Bath// Up until a couple months ago I forgot how fabulous and relaxing a bath can be. I highly recommend a lavender scented bath.

Face Mask// Over the winter I became absolutely obsessed with face masks and eye masks. Not only are they relaxing and revitalize your face, but they also force you to relax and not really do anything else for 15-20 minutes. This is my favorite face mask right now!

Netflix// Naturally, while I’m treating my  to an eye mask or facemask I usually end up in bed, watching a show on Netflix – see masks force you to relax. Netflix shows are a great way to escape for the day and start to unwind a bit before bed.

Read a Book// Reading a book is the very last thing I do at night before I go to bed. One of my New Year’s Goals for this year was to read more and reading about 30 minutes – 1 hour every night has been a great way to put a dent in this goal! Plus, by the time I close my book I am usually more than ready to go to sleep.

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind at night?


  1. I also love to take a bubble bath and read a book. It puts me into such a more relaxing mindset than tv does (though a chill show like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is ok when I have nothing I feel like reading). xAllie

    1. I have to say tv can get me a little wired - I read somewhere that it has something to do with the lighting... but a bath and a good book do the trick every time!

  2. This is SO me too. I have a regime I follow for my skincare, and I never go to bed without doing it. Read my book for awhile, listed to Justin Timberlake's new music, Say Something, and tuck me and my little doggie in to snuggle. Love you bed coverings, Lauren.

    1. Exactly! And thank you - it is from Anthropologie!