Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Guest Post :: 5 Outdoor Water Features That Can Improve You Home's Value

With summer just a few months away the first thing that comes to almost everyone’s mind is water: beach trips, lakes, pools, fountains. Aside from water summer and spring is also the most popular time of the year to put a house up for sale. Weather you are looking for your dream house are just a few ways to enhance your existing home for your own pleasure, water features always seem to capture the eye. I mean…who can resist a beautiful backyard with a pool surrounded by hydrangeas or a circular driveway with a tasteful water fountain in the middle. Today Cassy is guest posting on the blog and sharing five great tips that will not only add to the beauty of your home, but also increase your homes value.  
If you already had a picture of a “dream home” in mind when you first pooled your resources together, consider that future home buyers are the same. Among the biggest factors in their purchase is the background of the said dream home—the property’s overall outward appearance, the landscaping, the interiors—all the works. A number of the buyers enter the housing market with their eyes open for specific features and will start combing through listings of houses based on those.

What eye-catching—meaning, profitable—features can serve as options to raise your home’s asking price? Beyond the solid architectural elements, look to the element of water. Water symbolizes new life, refreshment, and revitalization of one’s soul, and as such, adding outdoor water features in your home can not only spruce up your property but also improve its value.

Swimming pools
Few things will excite a homeowner more than having their own pool, where they can relax, exercise, or splash around in the summer with their family. A pool is an investment for all seasons, but if you do decide on a swimming pool as a key outdoor water feature for your home, do compare the benefits of getting an in-ground concrete pool versus a fiberglass or a vinyl pool. Moreover, make sure that you address any problems with pumping and filtering water, and make arrangements so that your future homeowners can easily maintain their pool.

Outdoor fountains
You might think that an outdoor fountain will only appeal to homeowners looking for touches of luxury. On the contrary, however, a beautiful outdoor fountain can brighten up a garden of any shape and size. You can choose from a variety of fountains available from suppliers—be it the wall, tiered, or waterfall type—to enhance the sprawling lawn or the compact garden in your property.

Miniature natural hubs
Consider that a homebuyer might also want to keep pets or cultivate natural life within the home. Your property’s living areas might be perfect for animals, as well as plant life, to flourish. Find reputable contractors who can build the future homeowners fish ponds for koi and turtles, or even an outdoor bird bath.

Reflection pools
You might have seen this type of pool—typically characterized by its shallow, still water—at solemn places such as monuments, memorials, and state buildings. The tranquil water form is a unique one and can help inspire everyday homeowners to stop and pause about the important things in a way way that other outdoor features can’t.

Eco-friendly facilities
The last thing that you can appeal to when selling your property is a homeowner’s sense of paying it forward and living in an eco-friendly environment. Some fixtures that will increase your house’s “green” capital are a rainwater catch or downspouts that can help water the home’s lawn. These will appeal to a sensibility that has become popular, especially among millennials, these days. Many of these first-time homebuyers are thinking not only of the price of their houses but also how to make sustainability part of their regular home life.

In the end, look no further than the outdoors to maximize a house’s “homey” feel. It’s not only about aesthetics, but a sense of living life to its fullest when you’re in your ‘safe place.’ Homebuyers are looking to invest in dream homes where they can be in control, spend a lot of time, and be witness to life’s ordinary, and yet special moments.  That’s what truly captures the essence of the old adage: “home is where the heart is.”



  1. Love this! These features are all so lovely!

    1. So happy to see that you enjoyed this guest post!