Monday, April 30, 2018

Guest Post :: Spring Cleaning: Body & Mind

After a long winter {it really did take forever for things to warm up this year} Spring is not only the perfect time to clean and reorganize things around your house, but it’s also the perfect time to do a little mind and body mental spring cleaning. In all honesty the last bit of winter really does start to take wear on me and I definitely start to develop a few mental cobwebs. Today Brigitte, a cosmetic skin care consultant and editor for, is guest post and sharing a few fabulous ways to clean your body and mind this spring season.
Spring is the best time for new starts, and clearing out both our body and mind is essential for us feeling good and ready for new adventures. Getting rid of damaging toxins and negative thoughts is key to having a happy and healthy body and mind. Now, for some it might prove difficult to decide exactly where to start, so this article will provide you with some essential steps for an ideal spring cleaning of both your body and your mind.
Fine Tune Your Diet

In order to detox your body and get rid of all the excess layers brought to you by the ever tasty winter nutrition regimen you need to do a thorough detox. This involves both your body and your mind, you need to be determined to cut out all the unhealthy foods and to dedicate yourself to a healthy diet that involves a lot of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and fibers. Of course this is not easy since some lifestyle habits also need to change. You’ll have to find time to cook for yourself, stay away from fast food restaurants and go to the grocery store a lot more often than you are used to, but it will be worth your while.

First you will start to feel lighter as you cut down on your carb and sugar intake, then you will get more energy, and finally you ill see a lot of improvements on your skin when you start hydrating properly. Now the best way to go about this is to create a spring detox and nutrition plan and do your best to stick to it. Don't worry this does not include starving yourself, just changing up your eating habits so as to allow your body to get rid of all the undesired toxins.
 Treat Your Body With The Right Products
It is as important to know what you are putting on your body as it is what you are putting in it. A great nutritional plan won’t do you much good if the the products that you are using are putting toxins right back into your body. So the first step is to switch to natural beauty products so as to make sure that you avoid all the dangerous and unhealthy chemicals that can be found in some artificial products.

Now that you have found the right type of products it is time to change up your body pampering routine. As the season changes so does the weather, so after having your skin exposed to hard and cold winter winds it's time to provide it with a bit more care. So up you exfoliation game, introduce some natural creams with a higher SPF and make sure you take the time every week for some hydrating face masks. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get before the scorching summer sun comes into play.
Give Your Mind A Once-Over
If we are being realistic it is a lot easier to spring clean our body then it is our mind. Working on ourselves takes time and patience. So it is obvious that one spring cleaning won’t be enough, but there are some things that can make your life a lot better and easier. Spring just invites us to go out into the sun, it is one of the essential tricks to getting rid of winter depression. Getting out, walking, clearing your head and letting all the negativity out is the best way to spring clean your mind. The next step is to find a creative outlet, whether its painting singling or photography. Make sure you make the time for yourself and get creative, expressing yourself artistically can do wonders for your self-esteem. Finally, make time for such activities as meditation and yoga, finding the way to balance yourself in the midst of our hectic lifestyle and stressful schedules.

Your body and mind are now ready for spring, cleaned and pampered. Whenever we make an effort to invest time and energy into ourselves it is bound to enrich our lives and make us feel better and more self confident. And what better time to start then spring, a time when everything in nature is waking up and transforming.


  1. I love the idea of spring cleaning your mind and body! All of these tips are great and so helpful, thanks! xAllie

    1. Happy to see that you enjoyed this guest post!!

  2. I love this idea! Self-care is so important!