Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Guest Post :: Signs Your Wedding Dress Is The One

When it comes to planning a wedding it seems like the common agreement is that the wedding dress is on of the first things you decide on because it sets the tone for the whole wedding. Today Georgia Selih journalist and author of High Style Life, and also some what of a wedding expert, will be guest posting on the blog today and sharing what the signs are that you’ve finally find ‘the dress’.
For many brides, finding the perfect wedding dress is on the top of their to-do list right after they say “yes”. It is the centerpiece of the ceremony and might just be the most important dress of their life. But finding the perfect wedding dress is a long process, and there will be ups and downs. Your dream dress won’t really be all that dreamy when you put it on and you will spend too much time in your underwear in different changing rooms waiting for someone to bring you another model. But when you find the one, it will be like meeting your SO all over again! So how do you know when you’ve found the perfect dress, without just “feeling it”?

It Doesn’t Break The Bank
Let’s get the hard part out of the way: Dresses cost a lot of money. And if you’re not all too clear on your budget, you’ll find yourself falling in love with dresses you have no way of affording, which can be heartbreaking. This is why, when planning your wedding budget, you want to make sure you have a very clear dress budget, and when you go into a bridal appointment, you need to state your budget before you look at a single dress. Bridal stylists know not to show brides dresses out of their price range, because that won’t make anyone happy. Your perfect dress will always be something you can afford and that should be your first criterion for any dress you try on.

It Fits You Perfectly
If you think you should sacrifice comfort for what you think is a perfect dress – forget about it. You will be spending the entire day in it and there is no need to feel uncomfortable. This isn’t something you should be paying too much attention to, because a dress will be made to fit through alterations and fittings. However, if you are planning on buying a dress and rolling with it as it is, without any alterations, you need to make sure that the dress is in the correct size and that it fits your body the way you want it to. Different dresses will make your silhouette look different, and you want to find something that you feel happy in. Looking for beautiful plus size wedding dresses is a great way to find a variety of shapes, sizes and fits, to make sure you have the absolute perfect shape on the big day.
It Goes With The Theme
You’ve probably decided on a theme for your wedding at the very beginning. And not every dress will fit every theme, so when putting on the dress, you should always try to imagine yourself at the actual wedding venue. If you have a beach wedding, then a puffy dress with a long train probably isn’t the best option. Similarly, if you have a carnival theme where you want to have a lot of fun, you don’t want to be spending the day constricted in a bodycon gown. If you haven’t chosen the theme or venue yet, but you are dress hunting, then you need to get something that is neutral and will go with many settings. For example, an elegant, minimalist A-line dress will fit well with many themes, and if you keep the materials light, you have the option of adding layers and accessories.

It Combines With The Important Details
Do you have your mother’s veil that you want to wear at your own wedding? Or a statement necklace passed down through generations, worn by the women of your family on their wedding day? Or maybe just your lucky shoes that there is no way you’re giving up. If there are some items that you know you will be wearing no matter what, then you want your dress to match them and work well without any clashes. After all, the dress is just one part, and there is a lot more that needs to go into the look, all of which should work together in harmony.
 Your dress should be the one that brings you joy, that you feel beautiful in and that you can see yourself walking down the aisle in. Maybe you will have the “It’s the one!” moment when you put it on, and maybe you will simply find an adequate dress and it will grow on you as the look is completed. Make sure you keep your mind open and try on things that you haven’t planned on trying – because you never know which dress will be the one.


  1. really helpful for people that are about to get marry! :) great post! I like it!
    Alessa Bernal