Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top Blog Posts Of 2016

Whenever I am stumped on what to write about I usually scroll through my different social media, look to other blogs, and even scroll through my old blog post to draw ideas from and get inspired.

When I look at my old posts I usually look to see which posts were most read, what topics people enjoy most, and the style of a post. It’s hard to believe I started this blog four short years ago, and one thing that I love about it is that I can look back at a post and it jogs my memory of what was going on at that point in my life. A lot of excitement, some bad, and a lot of learning and growing has happened over the years.

 So since we have ended a year and embarked on a new journey I thought it might be fun to share my top eight posts from 2016. In order of popularity here you go…

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