Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Favorite Summer Dresses

I have to say I am not a big shorts person… I have about 20 pair of shorts and out of the 20 about 2 pair actually fit me well. I always seem to be stuck in between sizes when it comes to shorts – if I get the smaller size the shorts look like the are way to short and if I get the larger size the waist doesn’t fit quit right. For this reason I much prefer skirts and dresses in the summer time. After all there is no worse feeling when it comes to clothes than something not fitting well and admittedly, even if shorts did fit be perfectly I would probably still gravitate towards dresses and skirts, they just seem to over all be more flattering and flowey, perfect for the summer!

When the summer collection start to make its appearance back in March, I thought the clothing and dresses were going to be one of those years where the dresses didn’t really land on the mark of perfection. I have been proven wrong, as we get deeper into the spring season I keep noticing new eye catching everyday dresses. I love the bold prints that are out right now, a touch of the classic summer style, and all the stripes and blue and white color combinations that seem to be on trend this season.


  1. Love that striped dress!

    XO, Jessi

  2. So many pretty dresses to chose from!

  3. Ok I better start firming up this arms for those great dresses!!

    1. I hope you are enjoying the summer months so far :)

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