Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How To Nourish Yourself During Winter

Starting around mid-September I start to look forward to the crunch of leaves under my feet, layering clothes, outerwear, hot chocolate, a crackling fire, the holidays, and of course snow. Unfortunately the winter can be a little hard on your hair, skin, and general health. For todays post Peter Minkoff has been so kind to guest post and share a few key tips on how to stay healthy and nourish yourself during winter.
Although winter does have a certain charm to it, you know that I’m simply not used to this freezing weather outside. Whatever I do, I never seem to be warm enough and not to mention what this cold does to my skin and hair. Well, as it seems, we’re going to have a long winter (not too long I hope!) so I decided to share a few handy tips on how to nourish and protect yourself from the freezing claws of winter.

Eat Better
Okay, you all know that I’m a sucker for treats and although I always try to watch my figure, that becomes a bit difficult with all these winter festivities going on. Well, wintertime is actually a great chance to put your cooking skills to task, as this frosty weather calls for some nutrient-rich foods. So, instead of choosing a package of those delicious looking strawberries in the supermarket, better head to the farmer’s market and search for some seasonal fruits and veggies! Roasted root veggies are like made for winter snacking, while mushrooms, pine nuts, walnuts and cashews are the perfect substitute to junk food. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a warm cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon or coconut to keep you warm. I simply can’t seem to resist the smell and taste of hot chocolate during a cold, winter day.

Sleep More
I’m surely not the only one struggling to get up in the morning, especially when I know what horrors await me on the outside. Well, good news for all you sleepyheads out there, as winter calls for a better and a longer sleeping pattern. One of the ways to keep yourself fit and healthy during winter is to allow yourself to sleep more. Apparently, 8-10 hours of sleep is recommended during winter months, so instead of binge watching “Nashville” all night long, better think about getting to bed a bit earlier than usual.

Pamper Yourself
A true southern lady always finds time to get pampered, which is now more important than ever. I, for once, love taking care of myself, but I also enjoy getting spoiled occasionally. So, in order to survive this winter, I treat myself from time to time to a weekend spa getaway. An oily massage, aromatherapy, half an hour in the sauna and a mud bath are enough to keep me going for days. So, don’t be so strict and allow yourself to indulge in a short, but effective treatment.

Protect Your Skin and Hair
In the end, I’m going to share something with you that you probably won’t like, but trust me when I say that it’s for your own good! If you want to keep your skin and hair healthy during winter, you’ll have to avoid scorching hot showers, as they tend to dry out the skin and hair even more (an atrocity, I know!) Other than this, make sure to use creamier products, to regularly moisturize your skin and never to forget sunscreen! (Even if there’s not a glimpse of sun in the sky!) I also use the Medik8 refining scrub, a gentle exfoliator that polishes away dead skin cells and allows my skin to breathe. When it comes to hair, make sure to swap your shampoo to an oil-based one and never, ever to forget to apply conditioner to the ends!


  1. These are indeed some very good tips for the winter :)

    1. Agreed! Winter can start to take a toll on people after a while, peter definitely shared some great suggestions!

  2. Happy to hear it :) Peter always comes up with such great guests posts!