Wednesday, January 6, 2016

12 Wardrobe Essentials

Recently I have been in the process of organizing my closet {one of my new year’s resolutions}. As I’ve been going through the process I have been taking a mental inventory of the items I have, what I wear, and what I would probably never wear again. A few of the things I have taken notice about my wardrobe… I have a ridiculous amount of black dresses {if there is such a thing] and blue dresses {would never part with any of them}, I have more leggings than pants now, and there are about 12 items in my wardrobe I doubt I could function without – all of which are items that would never go out of style.

1.      Striped shirt
2.    Classic White Oxford
3.    Navy Blazer
4.    A Little Black Dress
5.    Classic Trench
6.    Dark Denim Jeans
7.     Black Pumps
8.    Classic Tote
9.    Pop of Leopard
10.  Ballet Flats
11.    Ridding Boots
12.  Pearl Necklace

Side note: I originally made this college for a presentation; I really wanted the college to match the style of the rest of the packet and I found an app called ‘Watercolor’ that did the trick! I know Waterlogue was the popular app with kind of the same effect a few years ago, but Watercolor is easier to use, plus it’s free. Definitely one of my new favorite apps at the moment – worth the download!


  1. Love those classic black heels!

    XO, Jessi

  2. In LOVE with the stripes bow top!!
    XO, Jillian

  3. You have an amazing sense of Style.Thank you.

  4. Love it!!xx
    Tanja Hansen (founder of The Outfit Lookbook)